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During the recent Sample Store Giftopia event I attended, I was introduced to the ‘Beauty Keeper’. The Beauty Keeper is a one-stop online portal which is based in Taiwan, and it brings unique, innovative, and award-winning Taiwanese beauty products closer to us.

They offer a wide array of home-grown Taiwanese beauty care products that are exclusively available at the Beauty Keeper's website. Visit them at


Being an influencer from the Sample Store, I received a beautiful Beauty Keeper pink/white gift box which consisted of some of their products that are now currently available on their website. 

Let's do a review! I will share my thoughts with you in detail on each of the individual items I got from the beauty box!

I'll start with the facial mask sheets that were in the box. There were 3 different types in total. The first type I tried was the Whitening Firming Repair Mask from Sevynal. Each mask sheet contained Placenta Extract, which generally helps to repair damaged skin. The sheet is a viceral 100% cotton mask that is rich in hydration, and it firms up the skin for better penetration, as well as to brighten up the skin too. 

 Next up was the INNA ORGANIC Rose Geranium Skin Soothing Facial Mask, which is made in Japan. It contained organic essential oils and plant extracts, which generally protects the skin by providing an excellent moisturising effect. I loved the natural blended rose oil scent as it made me feel at ease when I put the mask sheet on my face. After masking, my skin felt significantly supple and smoother! I was very happy with the results that I achieved.

Lastly, the Bravura Whitening & Moisturizing Essence Mask helped to whiten, brighten up my skin, and to further define my skin tone. Each mask sheet contained a brightening formula which penetrated deeply into my skin. What I really enjoyed was the elimination of my dark spots, thus giving me a radiant looking skin.

Ethel Cosmeceutical offers health supplements with only the finest ingredients, in conjunction with a Taiwanese top notch formula/technique. I was also introduced by the Beauty Keeper to try out the Nobel Prize Winning Health supplements from Ethel Cosmeceutical. It contains Citric Acids and 100% Purified Collagen.

The popular Citric Acid is suitable for people who have an unhealthy diet or to those who always eat out. It is never too early to start taking care of yourself. The Purified Collagen 100% is suitable to add into any kind of beverages and food, as each pack contains only 18.8 calories. 

YOHO POWER Beautyskin18-Probiotics-Collagen gives you the power of youth and enhances the effectiveness of collagen. It contains a high collagen density, which firms up the skin and gives consumers 100% radiant skin. 

CONTIN Plant Extract Shampoo contains garlic as one of its key ingredients as it is an amazing product for scalp care. It helps to achieve results in hair cleansing, as it provides fuller looking hair, oil removal from the scalp and gives a silky smooth end look. Do not worry about your hair if it will smell garlicky, as the patented enzyme procedure delivers a light natural scent to balance up the fragrance. 

Shan Camellia Essential Intensive Hair Oil gives the hair cuticles a deep nourishment. The non-greasy hair oil tames frizzes, leaving the hair soft and healthy. 

All-Bella Eyelashes are made in a revolutionary way, as it gives the lashes a natural look, while also being long lasting as compared to other ordinary false eyelashes. 

All-Bella Eyelashes offers perfect false eyelashes to cater to everyone's need. 

The Anion Skin Towel cleanses the pores thoroughly, removes blackheads and eliminates clogging. It also helps to promote blood circulation. 

I have been using this wonderful product, SERLANDO Rosy Pink Moisture Dew and it has been inside my bag for almost a week. You can use it when one is in need, or, like me, use it every day. Beautify your skin during application, and you will undoubtedly show a healthy pink skin color.

Beauty Power (BP) Neo Amino Acid Cleansing Cream is great for skin brightening, and it is also suitable for all skin types. The foam helps to cleanse the skin gently by keeping the skin pH level at 5.5, the optimal skin condition. 

MINORCA SKIN Ideal Flawless Beauty Cushion Mousse is the perfect lightweight coverage which helps to even out skin-tones and reduce redness. The Cushion Mousse reduces fine lines, smoothen skin and conceals flaws. I love pampering myself with this perfect lightweight coverage product, as I feel at ease knowing that it also helps to hydrate my skin at the same time. 

Home Love Eyes Light contains effective multi-active peptide and collagen for greater absorption in order to moisturize and relieve fatigue from the eyes. This product also helps to bring back the brightness in them!

PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Intensive Hydra Cream has moisturizing, soothing and repairing effects. It contains no alcohol and is fragrance free, and therefore it is suitable for sensitive skin-types and even pregnant women. The Intensive Hydra Cream was lauded as one of the best moisturizing creams available in 2016 by Hong Kong ViVi Magazine. 

PSK Pearl CC Cream protects the skin against UV rays. I used it as a base for nude makeup. 

HANAKA Macaron Facial Mask

By using one macaron for a single application, my skin looks instantly radiant! It gave a long lasting moisturizing effect that resulted in youthful looking skin. The experience I had was as delicious as the sweet macaron. I would give this product two thumbs up!

The Miss Hana Eyeliner Kit consisted of 4 different classic shades of no smudge waterproof eyeliners. 

Night Black - A must have classic color 
Choco Brown - A typical color for nude make-up 
Galaxy Black - My personal favorite, as it allowed me to create bling bling eye make-up effects
Golden Brown - Create an attractive eye make-up look  

Each eyeliner provided greater color pigmentation, as well as allowing me to create a 3D profound eye make-up look. The soft and smooth gel texture enables me to apply eye make-up like a PRO.

Thanks Beauty Keeper for the generosity, and I look forward to start using your ‘Defy-Aging’ Series! It is never too early to take care of one's well-being!

Do look out for their exclusive and alluring beauty products from Taiwan. They provide free shipping for international customers, so visit them today at


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