Get refreshed with T-Grand International

I was glad to receive a bag full of goodies from T-Grand International to try on and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the taste the products offer!

Before I tasted the black tea, my imagination on what the taste would be was totally different from the actual taste. I loved the medium flavor of the black tea. It was not as strong as other black teas I've tasted, but this one had a fine balanced flavor with a hint of sweetness. 

T-Grand International has an appealing package and tasted delicious too at the same time. The main reason behind the good taste is that all products from T-Grand International are made with quality ingredients under the highest quality-control standards and no artificial colorings and preservatives are added. 

Everyone knows that black tea has a distinctive flavor and T-Grand International produces an extensive range of beverages based on the unique and tasty flavor of black tea. Best of all, their products are Certified Halal by the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association. 

For people who love the taste of zest, the Assam Lemon Tea is the one for you! A distinctive black tea flavor with a dash of lemon makes it a refreshing drink for everyone! 

For kids who love fruit milk teas, do get them some Assam Milk Tea - Strawberry Flavor. It tasted flavorful, and was not overly sweet! Kids will love the taste as it has a smooth and rich flavor! 

There is always a big welcome from me on milk teas, especially green milk tea! I love the Assam Green Milk Tea as it was one of the better tasting milk teas I've ever tried so far. It was flavorful and I actually found myself asking for more! 

T-Grand International has been widely known for their Assam Tea and Milk Tea products for several years and they recently launched their latest Chia Seeds series, Pineapple & Orange Fusion with Chia Seeds and Apple & Kalamansi & Lemon Fusion with Chia Seeds. 

The Pineapple & Orange Fusion with Chia Seeds Drink and Apple & Kalamansi & Lemon Fusion with Chia Seeds Drink in 500ml PET bottles are currently available at, selected Cheers outlets, FairPrice Express and Sheng Siong supermarkets at SGD2.40 each.

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