Launch of Onkyo Audio

Thanks for the invite to the launch of Onkyo Audio products which was held at Nigiro Café!

Onkyo is a Japanese company for premium audio equipment, and recently they launched three of their latest products which boast great audio quality.
For people who love a crystal clear and smooth audio experience, you can rely on the 'DP-X1A' Portable Digital Audio Player, as it offers Hi-Res music for an awesome indulgence. 
The device has a 4.7inch GorillaGlass touch screen and allows access to GooglePlay to access APP support beyond the pre-loaded applications. One highlight is the pre-existing app, 'OnkyoMusic' which allows users to download High Res Audio files without the need of a PC. 

 With an internal memory of 64GB and 2 micro SD card slots, up to 464GB of storage is available for all forms of entertainment.

Feel at ease at home with the 3-piece home entertainment system, 'LS7200 3D' Soundbar System that comes together with an AV Center and wireless subwoofer. 

The Onkyo Controller APP allows users to play their favorite music on any Wi-Fi enabled speakers, thereby covering every angle/corner of a room. With the added Surround Enhancer technology, it will turn any room into a cinema-like experience without using up too much space. Small in size, big in impact! 

Lastly, the 'NCP-302' Wireless Audio System is a standalone speaker that allows linking up with several units to fill the house with music. Built in Chromecast within the device allows users to cast and play music from smartphones, laptops, PC or even tablets to speakers. 

The Onkyo Controller APP is pretty handy for users as they can control music in terms of volumes, playback or skipping a song without need to move around. 

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