Lovely beauty products from Beauty Keeper

If you guys read about my previous blog entry on the Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise, you would probably have seen me touch on the Taiwanese Beauty Box brand, 'Beauty Keeper'.

I will elaborate further today. The Beauty Keeper is a one-stop online portal and it is based in Taiwan. It brings us closer to some interesting home-grown and award-winning beauty care products through their website

Being an influencer of Sample Store, I received some of the latest products from Beauty Keeper. In this post, I will be introducing some of the products that was given to me and I will share my thoughts after using them. 

I started off with the USERISM DD Cream SPF50 (All-Day Defence) 

This is the best product so far from Beauty Keeper and I strongly recommend this product as a must-have product in your make-up regime. It has a strong SPF content to protect my skin against harmful UV rays. The coverage is pretty decent and it gives a radiant look after application. I am in love with this product for many good reasons, especially the classy black pump tube packaging. 

STARSUKI Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0 is a handy tool that fixes all mistakes and it also removes unwanted makeup on the face. I do admit that I sometimes make mistakes when it comes to applying eyeliner on myself, as my hand tends to shake thus causing crooked lines to be drawn. STARSUKI Super Perfect Remover Pen 2.0 is my savior, as it helps me to correct the lines without removing the entire makeup. 

With a fine tip, the pen makes it a perfect correction tool to do any touch up effortlessly. It is a to go tool which fits perfectly in my makeup pouch. Cleaning the pen is hassle free! Simply wipe it with tissue paper a few times, and you are good to go. 

Stretch Marks Remover Synergy helps to reduce stretch marks and improve overall appearance. Apply on potential areas 2-3 times per day, and do shake the bottle well before application. 

All-Bella Eyelashes are made in a revolutionary way. It gives the lashes a natural look, while also being long lasting as compared to other ordinary false eyelashes. All-Bella Eyelashes are made of medical-grade materials and sterilized by Medical Gamma Ray to meet strict safety requirements. 

STARSUKI Kiss Me Now Lipstick is a savior for dry lips as it is super hydrating and has high pigmentation. It gives a velvety smooth texture after application.

Thanks Beauty Keeper for pampering me with these products from Taiwan! Visit them today at


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