[product review] Feeling good and fresh always with Padeve SG

I am glad to have introduced to the product, 'Padeve' during the Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise which was held at Waterway Point. Thanks Padeve for giving me the opportunity to try out their whole range of products.

Padeve is from Singapore and it is made of premium materials. It is infused with special herbs to give users a sense of lasting comfort, and to prevent users from feeling irritation. It has a strong cotton absorbent layer to keep us comfortable at all times, even on heavy days. 

There are 4 products that are specially designed for our comfort, and they all designed to keep us refreshed throughout the day! They come in 4 different vibrant colors, and are one of the best-selling products in the series of 'ULTRA LINERS'. Each liner is crafted at an amazing length of 18cm, and if gives us a cooling and refreshing feeling! 

The 'ULTRA DAY' is designed for regular use, and each sanitary pad has a smooth surface to provide utmost comfort throughout the day. 

The 'ULTRA NIGHT' provides better protection against annoying leakages and stains. This is the perfect choice for you during the heavy days! 

The 'ALL NIGHT' is specially designed to offer users a worry-free night's worth of sleep, all night long! With the aid of the lengthy 33cm that gives users extra protection, users will not be disturbed from their beauty sleep!

My favorite among all the products, are the 'Ultra Liners' as I really like the length, as it is longer than compared to other brands in the market. I feel safer using Padeve herbal sanitary pads as it has a very strong absorption, even though it is very thin. The cotton texture is very soft and smooth, and I love the idea of infusing herbal to mask out the unpleasant odor. 

There is a unique thing about the Padeve's packaging which I can't stop singing praise about! YES! I love the tear & paste tab which works just like make-up remover wipes. You can take out the pad then re-seal the pack again. Ooh, it is so convenient!

Interested to know more about Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads? If yes, do visit the website at www.padeve.com for more details. 


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