[Osaka Holiday] Osaka Castle

My Osaka holiday post continues with my favorite Mentaiko Onigri as my brekkie!

I spent most of time shopping at Shinsabashi Suji (shopping street) which is located fairly near Dotonburi. I picked up many chokers, hair accessories, socks as well as food items. I also obtained toiletries that ranged from the usual skincare, body-care, haircare and cosmetics too. Last but not least, I purchased apparel from Shimamura which is located at Imamiya, as well as the store ‘GU’, the Sister brand of Uniqlo.

We had an early sushi lunch before heading down to Osaka Castle by train, and it was the only sightseeing we did on this particular day. We were greeted by many food stalls and trucks at the food street before entering the main castle ground.

The Castle tower is surrounded by impressive stone walls and moats. 

We decided to have a light bite despite having a filling lunch at Shinsabashi, as we were attracted by the ninja inspired Takoyaki-Kuro Tako by Ninja Takoyaki. The takoyaki was served in black as they added squid ink to it, and it tasted fabulous. 

Osaka Castle is one of Japan's legendary historical landmarks and is a popular tourist spot of Osaka. Osaka Castle features an observation deck at the top floor and the main building is set up as a history museum. The observatory deck allows visitors to view the beautiful scenery of Osaka Castle Park.

I was told by Baby that this Castle is a replica of the original Castle, as it was heavily damaged during the Second World War.

We took many random photos at the Osaka Castle Park, and we even took photo with a samurai-dressed in front of the castle.

We purchased the tickets to enter the Osaka Castle, and the visit to the castle covered a detailed experience of Japanese history and culture.

 Osaka Castle was beautiful but was crowded with tourists shuffling about inside the building. I was very lucky and glad to see snow (yuki) right in front of my eyes while we were at the top trying to catch a glimpse or two of the beautiful scenery!

Baby paid a separate 500yen to wear a Samurai's helmet to take unlimited photos!

After leaving the main castle, we walked around the vicinity of the Castle and got some souvenirs related to Osaka Castle. I picked up a few bag charms as well as key-rings. 

During our visit, there was a limited time winter performance, 'Sengoku the Real at Osaka Castle Live Show' by universal studios Japan, and this special performance was only held at Osaka Castle at night. This collaboration was a part of the "Universal Cool Event Japan" 2017.

 This world class performance is about a real life event during the end of the warring states era of Japan, on the Siege of Osaka Castle. It is a scenic spot of historical significance in Japan, as the conquering of Osaka Castle secured the start of Japan's Tokugawa Era which ushered in 200 years old relative peace. Baby purchased the tickets for us without a second thought despite the hefty admission fee. 

We had some Mochi before entering the stage premises for the show! 

It was an eye-opener for us as the dazzling light and sound system was amazing under the vivid night sky. This spectacularly realistic Sengoku-era themed live entertainment was a one-of-a-kind spectacle of epic proportions. 

I love how they used projecting mapping and fireworks against the backdrop of the Castle itself. I am glad that I got this opportunity to experience the unexpected charm of Osaka Castle through the performance.

After the show, I picked up ‘Sengoku’ styled souvenirs from the merchandise booth. Thanks Baby for the show, and I enjoyed it very much. 

We ended our night by having a simple yet delicious Oyako Don for dinner at Dotonburi which was within walking distance from our hotel. 


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