[random] Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant + Peach Garden Wedding Workshop

I re-visited the Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant on a random weekend, as I had a craving for Hong Kong cuisine, and missed it badly!

Baby ordered his favorite food entrée, 'Sorrowful Romantic Rice', which was inspired from Stephen Chow's movie, 'God of Cookery'.

I had a typical Hong Kong afternoon tea set - Luncheon Meat with Egg Sandwich along with a glass of Chinese tea. 

Apart from that, I also ordered some food entrees which included my favorite Steamed Pork Ribs with Yam and my latest favorite item at the joint, Fried OX Carrot Cake! The damage was about SGD35-ish, and this meal at Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant fulfilled my cravings for now! 

I attended the Peach Garden Wedding Workshop which was held at the Orchid Country Club. 

Upon entering the premises, I was greeted by the visuals of the actual wedding setting. 

All attendees were treated to several servings of Coolgurt! Baby and I shared a cup of original flavor with some colorful toppings. 

There was a highlight segment during the event that was presented by Love Story Bridal Boutique. 

I love the fashion runway very much, as each piece of wedding dress looked beautiful and feminine. 

We also got the chance to sample the food that will be offered during the wedding ceremony feast over a buffet spread. The food was delicious! 

Lastly, thanks for the wedding workshop invite, as well as the door gifts! 

I end my post with some photos we took during the launch of Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick! 


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