Wednesday, August 1, 2018

[random] Sat-date at Flaming Don Bugis+ & 'Ha Ha' Cheong Gai Burger

On a recent Saturday Lunch date with my Baby, we were at Bugis+, and we decided to give the 'Flaming Don' a try. This eatery place specialises in Japanese Rice Bowls at affordable prices.

 Flaming Don takes on a self-service concept, and ordering kiosks are located outside the dining premises. We ordered our meal and made payment through the machine. The receipt indicated our queue number, and we patiently waited for our food. Our meal had an add on option for SGD1.99 for unlimited servings of Green tea and Miso Soup, which is rather worthwhile. You can also choose from other beverages (hot or cold), if green tea isn't your thing. Do note that Flaming Don does not collect service charge, as diners are expected to return the trays before leaving the premises.

Baby had the Signature Flaming Chicken Don. The chicken meat is not overly charred, but it still had a smokey flavor which was present. Each piece of meat was tender and juicy.

I had Miso Buta Yaki Don, and the presentation was pretty appealing to me. There were grilled 'lines' imprinted on the pork slices, and I love charred pork slices very much! I wouldn't have expected to find an eatery place like this using charcoal grills within the town area at such an affordable price!

If you are looking for something yummy yet affordable around the Bugis area, do check out Flaming Don!

After our meal, we walked around the mall, and we realised that MapleSea Story was having an anniversary event! There were multiple blown up inflatable displays of famous MapleSea Story characters strewn around the Atrium Centre, and I couldn't resist taking some random OOTDS with them! Thanks Baby for being so patient with me while helping me to take photos!

One of Baby's good friends, Sean Padman joined the BONCHON WINGS CHALLENGE, which as the name would imply, was organised by the restaurant, BONCHON. We went down to their branch at Bugis+ to cheer him on and to offer support! To advance to the final round for the BONCHON WINGS CHALLENGE, contestants had to finish 25 chicken wings in 3 minutes! 

He didn't make it to the final, but nevertheless, he tried his best and we are still proud of him. 

It has been a hiatus since I had dim sum brunch on Sundays. Therefore, Baby suggested to re-visit Kowloon Hong Kong Dim Sum which is located along the Yio Chu Kang area. We ordered the usual favorite dim sum items, and we enjoyed them very much. We will definitely come back again to fulfil our Dim Sum cravings in the near future. 

Mommy recently got me a bangle that fits perfectly on my wrist! My wrist is pretty small, hence it is hard to find a fitting one at any store. I am glad she found a perfect one for me, thanks Mommy for the gift!

Recently, McDonald's introduced the 'Ha Ha' Cheong Gai Burger, and I've already had it twice! The first time was with my lunchmate at work Suni, and the second time was with my Baby! The burger consists of a large patty of prawn paste-tasting chicken meat, cucumber slices, and lettuce. While I found it pretty legit, Baby was of the opinion it was a tad too salty for him. Do give it a try if you are a fan of Ha Cheong Gai! Note, ultimately, your usual Tze Char stall will still make better Har Cheong Gai, but you can give this a try for novelty's sake.

I end my post with a sweet gift - Facial Mask Sheet by Innisfree from my lovely bestie Meryl. Thanks ya! 

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