Saturday, August 11, 2018


~ Exploring Sephora's FIRST BEAUTY PLAYHOUSE ~

My Malaysian Bloggers / You-tubers friends came down to SG, and along with CK, they joined me to the Sephora Playhouse! This year, Sephora celebrated their 10th anniversary with an insta-worthy fun-house filled with activities and workshops. 

We were there on the first day of the 10-day event, and were glad to be part of the celebration. The Sephora Playhouse is the biggest pop-up event for beauty obsessed fans like us! It featured various fancy themed rooms from various beauty brands such as Too Faced, Fresh, Urban Decay, and many more, just to name a few!

Upon entering the premises, we were greeted by a giant lipstick tube, which I took various random photos against!

We had fun sliding down from the prettiest slide that I've ever seen! 

Thanks STRONGBOW for the complimentary free-flow Semi-sweet Cider drinks, which we enjoyed dearly.

We had a wonderful time at the insta-worthy Fresh Beauty Kitchen, and learnt about the natural ingredients that were used in some of Fresh's products!

Jiayi and I had fun taking multiple photos against the backdrop of the Beauty Kitchen!

I love the flowery backdrops very much!

We next entered the world of Estee Lauder, and we walked through a mirror maze, which had a pleasant sparkling photo-opportunity at the end!

 We took a few group photos against the bling bling background. 

We threw ourselves into the Giant Ball Pit, and we had a great time at Tarte's premises! It was so fun to come with my girlfriends as they are simply amazing and fun-loving. 

CK, Sherlyn and myself next sat on Kat Von D's giant sized products display, which was of mega proportions! Obviously we had to take a photo together!

We took many random photos as well, at Urban Decay's cool open top car display!

Thanks Joelle for the nice OOTD at the Urban Decay's premises! 

The most insta-worthy theme room was the Too Faced's giant peach, and we took a random group photo against it!

Sherlyn and I enjoyed sniffing the peach scent which was released out from the special-made peach decoration which was mounted on the wall. Look! There was one right behind me!

Lastly, we came to the last but the most beautiful installation. This belonged to Benefit Cosmetics, and we simply couldn't resist the themed 'PINK' colours! We just HAD to take lots of photos at the bright pink cute ball pit!

Thanks Sephora for the lovely swag gift bag which consisted of assorted surprise beauty fixes which are worth SGD50. Last but not least, every attendee was entitled a lucky dip before leaving the Playhouse! 

Thanks ladies for joining me on a Saturday afternoon. I hope to see you guys soon in JB or hopefully SG again! 

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