Saturday, August 4, 2018

[SG Eats] Everton Creamery + Flaming Don + Tambuah Mas + So Pho

Lately, the weather in Singapore is getting insanely hot, even at night! It is way too much for some Singaporeans (including me) to stand the heat anymore. 

Baby brought me to Everton Creamery for an icy sweet fix. I ordered a waffle with a single scoop of ice-cream. Nothing beats having a nice dessert on an after work weekday evening! It is a good way to beat the scorching weather too!

After our first visit to 'Flaming Don' which is located at Bugis+, me and Baby fell in love with the affordable Japanese Rice Bowls which the premises offers. We re-visited the eatery place a week later to have our meal on a random weekday after work! 

The CSR team had a random luncheon at Ichiban Boshi with Boss B. Thanks for the treat! We had a delightful 1-hour lunch with one another! 

This year, my company celebrated its 22nd Anniversary and the committee members came out with friendly bowling tele-matches! The venue was set at Orchid Bowl @ The ChevronsSince the celebration was made on Friday, my office was closed up early around 2pm. 

Dinner was served at the Rose Ballroom, The Chevrons, and the buffet spread was an utter disappointment. It was definitely quantity over quality. We did many random selfies with the beauty app. Thanks for the support at work. Appreciated loads! 

My Sunday dinner with Baby at So Pho, Causeway Point. To complement our dining experience, we ordered the Vietnamese Spring Roll to go along with our bowls of pipping hot Pho! We had a delightful time together as always, before we ended our weekend! 

Crossing over the causeway into JB to spend the weekend is quite a routine for us! After our usual brekkie, we went over to KSL City Mall to get my favorite drink from The Alley.

OMG! I love the mask cup sleeve!

Together with Baby, we met up with our JB friend - Sherlyn, as we promised each other to go for a happy-hour session at Danga Bay. We settled at Freedom Ultimate Club for our chill-out session. We had a total of 8 glasses of beer, 2 plates of bar food and a platter of finger food. The total damage was only RM100, and we had an enjoyable and affordable time spent! 

My Fri-date dinner was at Tambuah Mas, an Indonesian restaurant which is located at Orchard Paragon. Tambuah Mas serves authentic Indonesia food fare and the service is pretty efficient too. 

In general, the food was awesome but my stand out dish is still the Tahu Telor. Overall, the food is tasty and the damage was pretty decent too!

After our meal, we walked around Orchard area, and I was attracted by Sephora's PlayHouse! Stay tuned to my next post as I will touch upon my experience at the playhouse in my next post! 

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