[Dine in] The Coffee Academics + Tamago-EN

Weekend Vibes!

After the visit with the girls for Sweetie’s birthday celebration, I fell in love with the food served at The Coffee Academics. I promised to bring my Baby to check them out! I revisited this eatery place with him on a random Sunday afternoon for lunch. We drove to Raffles City Shopping Centre where this Hong Kong based Café is located.

We started off on our meal by sharing Umami Sweet Potato Fries with Homemade Umami Chutney Sauce.

Baby had The Chilli Crab Meat Spaghetti Aglio Olio. I love the generous garnish of deshelled crab meat with the spicy sauce. Overall, it was a decent dish.

I had the Umami Pasta which I liked it very much. The pasta dish was packed with a rich umami taste by using of a lot of tasty ingredients such as shaved dried fish flakes, seaweed, shrimp and an onsen egg.

The total damage was SGD72, which I felt that the prices were more expensive as compared to other cafes in town. However, we had some Capital land vouchers which we put to good use! The food was tasty, and portions were acceptable, so these factors made up for the hefty damage.


An alert to all Egg Lovers! Be delighted by Tamago-EN, a new Japanese Restaurant that serves up a range of dishes made with fresh Okinawa-imported eggs, and each egg yolk has a unique golden orange colour.

Baby came over to Suntec City to fetch me from my work, and we settled on our dinner at this newly opened eatery place which is located at the basement of the mall.

We ordered the 5-kind Japanese Omelette Skewer to try out 5 different toppings - crab meat, cod roe & mayonnaise, salmon flakes and ikura, seaweed paste, and tomato sauce. Out of the five toppings, my favorite was the one with crab meat, as I loved the balance of the flavor and texture!

Baby had the Chicken Stew Rice with Omelette, and this dish looked appetizing when it was served on our table. I love how the omelette was elegantly wrapped around the rice. The chicken chunks were softer than expected, so it broke easily apart while chewing. This is definitely worth a try!

I got the Ebi Don as my main, which consisted of fried prawns which was served with piping hot rice and a silky egg which was comforting and indulgent.

Thanks for the meal, Baby, and I enjoyed my weekday dinner very much!

During the Circuit Breaker, I was forced to stop going to claw machine outlets, but as we are now in phase 2, I resumed my visits! I've since added 4 more plush toys to my claw machine plush/toy collection! My room is packed with toys... Help please!


I end my post with my random Sunday breakfast prepared by Mom V. I enjoyed every bit of her delicious Steamed Glutinous Rice!



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