Girls' Night out with Tiger Crystal + yummy Soufflé Pancakes from Fluff Stack + Weekend Dinner at Suki-Ya

I entered the world of blogging way back in 2010, and it has been a great experience for me. I am happy to have met some blogger friends during my blogging journey whom have become my close good friends/buddies!


One of my closest friends from this journey is the lovely Meryl! Our paths crossed way back in 2014 when we attended a random food tasting together. We became closer as the years went by, and we've created many lovely memories together. We will definitely even have more together in the near future!

 We met up recently on a random midweek for dinner at Mischief which is located at Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, both of us redeemed a free pint of Tiger Crystal during our dinner! 

Apart from enjoying our free drinks, we also shared 1 side and 1 main course to go along with our beers. Nothing beats spending quality time together with your girlfriend on a night out!

Lastly, thanks 'Tiger' for the complimentary drink!

It's Tortilla time! Fancy having delicious Tortilla Chips? I'm always up for Old El Paso’s, as their chips are made from 100% corn grain, and are preservative and gluten free! 

This is the ideal snack for binging on with your favorite television programme!

Do try the tortilla chips out, especially with some salsa dip for a full tortilla experience!

Baby came to Suntec to have dinner with me at Ramen Nagi, and we enjoyed every single bit of the ramen. We also ordered a plate of Gyoza to go along our noodles. The damage was about SGD43-ish, and this is a small treat for my Baby Hubby, who is very understanding and remains a supporting pillar in my life!

After our dinner, we popped over to Fluff Stack which is located at the basement, and this eatery place serves delicious Soufflé Pancakes. Each pancake is made from scratch upon order, which explains why there is a 15-minute long wait time!


Fluff Stack is the spot to go as it is best known for their fluffy and soft soufflé pancakes. We ordered the Mango Passion Fruit Soufflé Pancakes, and the mango fruit was sweet and fresh!

Both Baby and I are Shabu Shabu lovers, and on a recent meal, Meryl joined us for a steamboat dinner at Suki-Ya. We settled at one of the outlets located at Kallang Wave Mall. They offer unlimited servings of thinly sliced meat.

Apart from the unlimited fresh meat serving, you can also find a wide selection of vegetables and standard steamboat food items. Due to COVID-19, the buffet counter was closed, but you can place your orders via an ala carte order chit! Oh ya, various dipping sauces can also be order through the chit too!


We had a delightful and lovely steamboat dinner! Thanks Meryl for joining us, and last but not least, a big thank you to my lovely readers for stopping by my humble space!

I end my post with my favorite Kellogg’s Special K series of cereals - Oats & Honey which is full of nutrients and benefits! 

If you watching your diet, why not try the healthy Kellogg’s Special K Series!


Mniam. I am big fan of hot pot, shabu shabu or korean grill.

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