[product review] Mise En Scène Protein Shampoo & Treatment + Orinbe Hyaluronic Acid Energy Ampoule

I received a special kit by Mise En Scène from '0.8L Singapore'. This set includes Re:bond Salon Technology Protein Shampoo (140ml) and Re:bond Protein Treatment (100ml) This 14-Day Special Kit offers intensive care to damaged hair in order to strengthen it from the inside to the outside.

 Mise En Scène Re:bond Protein Shampoo offers protein nutrients to hair from the first step of hair care intensively

Mise En Scène Re:bond Protein Treatment helps to nourish and strengthen hair by providing protein care from inside the weakened hair. Apply the treatment from the tip of the hair after shampooing. Rinse off with lukewarm water after a a desired amount of time.

Recommended usage - Leave it on for 1 minute daily for prevention of damaged hair; 3 minutes if you already have seriously damaged hair! You can also leave it on for 10 minutes once a week for nourishment of your hair.

To my surprise, I did not expect this affordable hair kit to have such great results in such a short time. My hair had a noticeable improvement in just a week, and it was absolutely mind-blowing!


My hair is usually dry, but after usage of about a week, I noticed my hair was now much more softer than before. I also love how the products helped me get rid of my messy, dry and frizzled look! You should have seen how happy I was when I could run my fingers through my hair smoothly and easily. My hair stayed tangle-free throughout the day and felt very smooth and soft to the touch.

I love Mise En Scène hair products as they are affordable yet effective, and it's totally worth the time and effort. I highly recommend the Re:bond Protein to those who are have trouble with their weak or damaged hair because these will help them to ease their minds! Thanks ‘0.8L Singapore’ for the wonderful try out and the smooth delivery of the product! 

As many know that the Hyaluronic acid in our skin diminishes as we age, so we need products with high content of Hyaluronic acid to boost our skin hydration levels, in order to bring back bounce and smooth skin!


Lately, I have been obsessed with my skin’s barrier, and I want my skin to look dewy and fully moisturised. Thanks to Orinbe Hylauronic Acid Energy Ampoule for giving me a perfect start on this journey of beauty!

Orinbe is a natural cosmetics brand made from Jeju-derived ingredients, and it means ‘Original Ingredient's Benefit’. It uses only ingredients from Jeju Island, South Korea, and the finest ingredients found in the products help to boost up hydration levels and strengthens the skin barrier in order to help promote skin balance and prevent moisture loss!

Orinbe Hyaluronic Acid Energy Ampoule contains hyaluronic acid that is good for moisturizing and Jeju Oat Extract that will help to strengthen our skin. The texture of the ampoule is slightly thicker than other serums. Just a small dollop or two will be sufficient for application on the entire face. Although it might look thick, it absorbs rapidly into the skin, and my face felt lightweight. It is odorless and colorless, and hydrated my skin instantly once it was applied on my face!

I am amazed by the excellent moisturizing effects offered by this product, and it absorbs so well into my skin! I love the non-sticky feeling after application, as it is suitable for sensitive skin. It always feels like I’m pampering my face with a nice spa treatment whenever I use this product!

Thanks Orinbe for the wonderful try out and for the smooth delivery of the product! I hope my mini review post can help you to understand the product better!

Lastly, thanks WODE and Japalang Store for sending over the Hand and Body Disinfectant Spray (20ml). This pocket-sized spray comes in handy, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. I am glad that I could try it out myself in order to experience the goodness of this product!


WODE is a local brand that sells a full range of home wellness products, including Made-in-Singapore disinfectant sprays. The Hand and Body Disinfectant Spray contains no harmful chemicals, and it will help to disinfect against 99.9999 per cent of harmful bacteria and viruses. It can eliminate odors as well as disinfect the surrounding air. Doesn't it sound good? Go try it already!


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