Revealing September's Partibox + Dinner at Tendon Kohaku

I am into my third month with Particlub. Ever since I joined in July, I have been receiving a monthly 'Partibox' delivery to my doorstep! These are the brands that collaborated with Partipost for the month of September.


These were the goodies delivered to me!

Mala hotpot is popular in Asia, and Tao Kae Noi’s Mala Flavored Seaweed snacks replicate the flavors of the iconic hotpot.

Cereal pack in trial size by Kellogg’s

Halls XS Sugar Free Mint (Lime)

Cute Sticky notes & Complimentary/discount voucher by Japan IPL Express

Dried flowers by Jan's Floristry

This month’s Partimerch is a mask holder! I am looking forward to my October gift Box! Do stay tuned, as I will share on the box's content on my space again!

 Thanks Bean Party for the meal voucher. We decided to use it for a dessert fix! A great day out with my favorite girlfriends at Hillion Mall!

Thanks Chewy for the BBT treat by Bober Tea! We enjoyed our drinks very much...

Baby came over to my workplace to pick me up from work, and we decided to check out 'Eat at Seven', it is located at level 3 of Suntec City’s Sky Garden. It offers the best of Japan restaurants under one roof, and each restaurant boasts a strong reputation.


I finally tried this popular Ten-Don/天丼 at Tendon Kohaku after their successful opening of their flagship outlet in 2016. The horrendous queue shrunk after many companies chose to WFH. At SGD15.90 per bowl it is still good value for money! I will definitely come back again, as I really enjoyed the tendon very much!


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