A visit to Otah & Friends + January Partibox

Being a 'Particlubber', I was given priority entry to visit 'Otah & Friends' at the Gardens by the Bay! Sweetie joined RKM + HayBoy for a fun night with Otah and his friends.

Before we began the game, we were given a fun fact type of game about otters, and we were also given a Q&A Quiz session as well!

Close your eyes and count to ten - Otah & Friends, we are coming for you! HayBoy was excited, as he loves to play hide-and-seek. We began our searching once we entered Otah’s house. We challenged ourselves to this nostalgic hide-and-seek game, and we were only given 15 minutes to look for him. There were multiple clues scattered throughout his house to pinpoint his location!

I only managed to take some random photos of his house, as we spent most of our time finding clues in order to locate him!

After finding him, we were rewarded with Otah's favorite refreshments - refreshing lemonade and soft-baked ooey-gooey cookies at Otah's lemonade cart in his backyard.


 We took some photos at his backyard before leaving the premises. Thanks Sweetie for joining us at the event!

5* for our experience with Singapore's first otter-themed escapade! If you are interested in playing this classic game of hide-and-seek, do visit Otah & Friends to find out more!

I am into my seventh month with Particlub, and ever since I joined as a member back in July 2020, I have been receiving a monthly 'Parti-package' delivery to my doorstep!


To be honest, the Partibox‘s goodies are getting better each month, which makes me feel excited each month, as I wonder what I will receive next!

LG Reen Yungo Hair Cleansing Treatment Shampoo - A Korean herbal hair wash and treatment that contains various essences of traditional Korean Herbs!


Repair Solution for Damaged Hair

Moisture Solution for Dry Hair

Volume Solution for Thin Hair

Energy Pack and a face mask by RED BULL

Himalaya Pink Salt Toothpaste by LG Care.

 It is enriched with Himalayan Pink Salt to keep teeth white and healthy, as well as to maintain great oral hygiene! It is also said to remove 99.9% of toxic bacteria from the mouth.

SUNSWEET Dried Prunes

Various Baby Star Crispy Noodle Snacks from Japan were included in this month’s Partibox. It is a unique way to enjoy fried ramen in a pack!

This month’s Partimerch is a mask holder, and it comes in handy for me to keep my extra masks.

That summarizes all the goodies that I got for my January edition from Particlub! I am now looking forward to the romantic month - February's gift Box! Do stay tuned, as I will share on the box's content on my space again!


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