Delicious Salmon from Norwegian Salmon ATM + Stay Safe with Sparks

Salmon lovers can now get their fish from the Norwegian Salmon ATM found at several locations around the island. The process is entirely cashless, and the machines either accept payment by credit card or Virtual Loyalty Card via the Monyx app.


I picked up a pack of Norwegian Premium Smoked Salmon and Premium Sashimi-grade Salmon. They are frozen and kept fresh without any re-packing locally so you can eat them conveniently and directly without worrying about their quality.

It may sound a bit edgy, but the frozen ATM salmon really does taste good!

 The vending machines operate at -20 deg C and are currently selling at the discounted price of $5.90. The machines offer ease and convenience by operating cashless 24/7, and therefore you can consider adding more Salmon to your Lo Hei session this upcoming Chinese New Year!


Check out Norwegian Salmon ATM - Vending Machines, as they have over 100 locations island-wide and there might be one near you!

Many households have started their spring cleaning as CNY is around the corner. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we should take extra precautions when cleaning in order to eliminate bacteria and viruses. This is a responsible way to show our love and concern for our loved ones as well as for ourselves!


Thanks Sparks Singapore for sending over the 5L Disinfectant and 5L Hand Sanitizer. The disinfectant does not have a strong chemical smell. Both the Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer contain no harsh chemicals and no alcohol, hence it is safe for everyday use! I love the mild scent of the products, which have a 24-hr effectiveness that promises to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Most importantly, these products are biodegradable and environment friendly too.

Do follow them on their Facebook Page & Instagram, as you can receive updates on cleaning as well as hygiene tips weekly.

 Sparks products can be purchased from their official website (, Lazada or Shopee.


Now, you can enjoy a $2 discount off when you purchase the SPARKS Disinfectant 5L and Sparks Hand Sanitizer 5L by entering my unique code 'SPARKJESS' at the checkout page. An alert for Lazada users, please click here!

Here's to great health to everyone, especially in these uncertain pandemic times. Let's all stay safe and healthy together!

It is always nice to dine out after a hard day of work. My office is located at Suntec City, so naturally when dining out, we will settle for having dinner nearby at my workplace area. This time, we settled our dinner at Aburi En which is located at Suntec CityI really love the sides that we had ordered. The Deep-fried Oyster was wonderful, and it became one of the items in my 'must-order' list! The damage was about SGD60-ish, and thanks for the meal, Baby!

Thanks V for the lovely birthday gift - Sassy Winged Liner Set from The Feisty Chick!

The Sassy Winged Liner Set consists of 1 set of Sassy wing stamps (for your left and right eyes) and 1 felt tip liner. The sassy wing stamps with distinct wing curvatures are used for creating bigger and rounder eyes!


I love its waterproof and smudge-proof formula. It helps me to a lot of time in creating a perfect 'wings' effect by using The Feisty Chick Winged Liner Set. What a Breeze!


First time i see this type mashine

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