[OurPasar] Fresh Halal Yusheng to usher the Year of Ox

If you are looking for some Halal Yusheng for this forth-coming Chinese New Year, then you are in luck, as OurPasar - an online halal fresh grocer which offers seafood, meat and other groceries is now offering fresh Halal Yusheng!

During the Chinese New Year period, Prosperity Toss (Yusheng) is considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and lately Halal Yusheng has becoming more popular in our multi-racial country where the celebration can be celebrated together with our Muslim friends and colleagues.


Thanks OurPasar for delivering a Prosperity Package that was sent to us. Nothing beats ushering in the Year of Ox with fresh Yusheng! Thanks for keeping it fresh while providing a smooth delivery to my doorstep! They believe in fresh and quality products coupled with great service and price! What I like about them is their top notch delivery service which I experienced during this smooth delivery to my doorstep! *Two thumbs up!!*

"Yusheng" or "Prosperity Toss", is commonly known as ‘Lo Hei’ and usually consists of strips of raw fish mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments. Yusheng literally means ‘fish raw’ and ‘fish ()’ and is commonly conflated with its homophone as ‘abundance ()’. Therefore Yusheng (魚生) is interpreted as a homophone for Yusheng (余升) meaning an increase in abundance!!


 The Prosperity Package comprises of some of the staple ingredients that one can expect from the dish: carrots and radish which comes in a variety of colors as well as salmon. Condiments that go into the dish include white pepper and black, peanuts bits and white sesame seeds, as well as sweet plum sauce. The main ingredient which carries a symbolism to the Yusheng is the salmon, which represents ‘年年有余’, or ‘to have abundance year after year’. 

This therefore explains why everybody loves to have/eat something with such good vibes in order to welcome in the Chinese New Year! It really makes the whole dining experience feel more meaningful and auspicious.

Most of us believe that 捞鱼生 during the CNY period can bring good luck, and the higher one tosses the Yusheng, the better luck he/she will have! It also means that one will be having a bountiful year ahead!

The Prosperity Yusheng will be available for pre-order, which do book in advance to ensure that the freshest ingredients are used. For bigger groups, the Abundance Package (5-8 pax) is priced at $68, and the Prosperity Package (3-5 pax) at $38.


The Prosperity Package (3-5 pax)

Salmon @ 88g (Sashimi-Grade Salmon or Smoked Salmon)

Small Hongbao (red packets)

$10 Delivery Charge ; Free delivery for 2 Sets and above


The Abundance Package (5-8 pax)

Salmon @ 88g x 2 Set (Sashimi-Grade Salmon or Smoked Salmon)

Big Hongbao (red packets)

Free delivery

If you want to add more salmon to your ‘Lo Hei’, just add $8 for an additional serving of 88g of sashimi-grade salmon/smoked salmon.


Be positive, as 2021 might be a better year for us, and you might just win up to $88 worth of prizes with your purchase of Yusheng. Do order yours today, and delivery will be from 3rd Feb to 12th Feb.




IG - @ourpasar


Lastly, do join Ourpasar Telegram to enjoy great deals. Huat Ah!


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