[random dinner] Nostalgic-themed local café - Downstairs + King of Fried Rice

Baby came to Suntec City to have dinner with me at a newly opened local food joint -'Downstairs'. It is a Singaporean nostalgic-themed local café located at the basement of Suntec City.

There are many familiar childhood things & sights, such as the inspired chess round stone tables/chairs which were quite common at HDB void decks, but have grown more uncommon now. There also a HDB-styled old school letter-box, and Hopscotch markings on the floor! However, the most unique thing would have to be the kiosk where you have to input your order. It's been made to look like the old orange coin phone booths of yesteryear!

I ordered the Curry Pork Cutlet Rice, and Baby had Hainanese Pork Rice with Tomato Sauce. We had a nice dinner overall. The damage was about SGD21. Baby and I will come back to try out their other mains and breakfast sets!

Gong Xi Fa CaiIt’s that time of the year again to begin feasting on delectable goodies!! What better way to do so than to indulge in Butter Cookies from SCS!


There are two varieties, the original butter and the cranberry version. I picked up the butter cookies with cranberry bits, and I do recommend giving it a try as I found them quite delicious. It’s not overly sweet, is relatively large and is a pretty good cookie! They can be purchased at any NTUC outlet, and the retailing price is SGD14.90. Don’t give it miss!

I am very excited as Subway has recently launched their Extremely Mac and Cheesy Beef and Chicken subs

I end my post with my recent Fri-date dinner with my Baby. We settled our meal at King of Fried Rice which is located at Golden Mile Tower. We had Crabmeat Fried Rice and shared a plate of yummy Pork Chop! 

The queue was horrendous, and we spent 15mins queuing just to order, while we had to wait another 20mins or so for our food to be ready. Sitting is limited as well, and I would recommend you get a seat first before even considering to order!

The fried rice is pretty delicious and the pork chop is akin to the ones found at 'DTF'. However, I think the wait is too long just for fried rice! If you do come here, I highly recommend avoiding peak hours!


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