Celebrate your Valentine's Day with The Grow Room + (Product review) - Serein Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Conditioning Vinegar

Are you experiencing hair-loss due to work stress, or are you looking for an anti-hair-loss shampoo and conditioner right now to counter your scalp issues? Why not try-out the Serein Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Conditioning Vinegar? They are suitable for both Women and Men, and helps to strengthen hair follicles as well as improve hair growth and scalp circulation too!

I received the Serein Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Conditioning Vinegar from COSMIC MOMENT, and the parcel was sent directly ffrom Korea. My little KaeGirl received it on my behalf from the delivery man. Thanks 0.8L Singapore for the arrangement!

The Serein Anti Hair Loss Shampoo bears a concentrated texture and a distinctive natural citrusy scent.

I love the uniqueness of the Serein Hair Conditioning Vinegar which has a watery texture. It's quite different from the many other conditioners in the market! It comes with 2 different types of applicators, a spray nozzle and a pointer cap. Both are easy to apply!

I am glad to have been introduced to Serein hair products, and after using these two products for about a few days, I loved the after-wash results! It made my hair feel softer and healthier, but most importantly my scalp feels less itchy now.

Apart from that, COSMIC MOMENT also threw in a starter kit for Serein Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Conditioning Vinegar, as well as a deluxe-sized Petrichor Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo.

Lastly, thanks COSMIC MOMENT for the products. I hope my mini review can help you to understand the product better!

Every girl deserves the best! Get ready for Valentine’s Day with The Grow Room!

Express your love with a meaningful gift! Do check out their IG - @thegrowroom99 for some perfect Valentine’s Day gifts!

[TGRVD-01] Heart to Heart

[TGRVD-02] Be Yours

[TGRVD-04] Everlasting Love

[TGRVD-03] Gift of Love

Lastly, I received a 7-day try out of the Double Serum and a box of red packets from Clarins. 

I will try them soon, as I heard many rave reviews above this product. Thanks Clarins!


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