Bvlgari Allegra Event at ION Sky + Dinner at Belo Café

Chewy, Meryl, Sweetie and I registered for the Bvlgari Allegra Event which was held at ION Sky.

We took many random photos at the premises, and Baby took many of my pictures (OOTDs) at ION Sky!

After the last visit with Baby and my MIL for Christmas Day Brunch, I fell in love with the food served at the Belo Café. I decided to introduce this food gem to my close friends. I revisited this eatery place with them on a random Sunday evening for dinner. We drove to Upper Thomson where this café is located.

We started off on our meal by sharing Truffles Fries and Spam Fries with Thousand Island SauceWe ordered 3 different types of pizzas to share among 7 people. We had Diavola, Wayo and Brunch Pizza. Among the 3 variations, we loved the Wayo Pizza the best. The combination of ingredients were awesome - Prawns and Smoked Salmon with Mayonnaise and Bonito Flakes.


We ended our meal with some desserts! I am glad that my friends liked this eatery place which I had recommended. The food was tasty, and portions were pretty generous and acceptable. I will definitely come back again!

Lastly, thanks for the birthday gifts and yummy lychee cake!

My colleague, Ivy invited us to her new house for house-warming. We had fun at her place. I can’t stop singing praises about her Ogawa Massage Chair!


We loved the home-cooked food which was prepared by the host, as it tasted delicious! Thanks for inviting us over!

My colleague, J has recently attended and completed her eyelash extension course, and I decided to give it a try, as she needed a ‘model’ to promote her little home-based business. Do check out her IG - @thelashesbyjas

I love my lash extensions, as they are so comfortable. I opted for an extension by using natural lashes, so she had to do the procedure lash by lash, which I found natural looking during this session! This might be time consuming but it is definitely worth the time spent!

Both Baby and I took a day off from work on Monday to spend a well-deserved afternoon at Treasures Yi Dian Xin by Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group. It is located at Orchard Paragon.


Baby and I love to eat Dim Sum, and we decided to give this eatery place a try! There is a wide selection of dim sum items, and we ordered our usual favorites.

We both enjoyed the Deep Fried Porcupine Buns with Red Bean Paste very much. Each fried mantou is filled with a smooth, creamy rich sweet red bean paste. I really like the cute presentation as they're shaped like little porcupines!

Thanks Pristine Aroma for sending me the sample packs, as these will help me to find my perfect scent for my new house...

Lastly, I end my post with my recent-received nose masks. Thanks AKinderBeauty for the try-out!


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