Birthday Celebration at American TapRoom + Fast & tasty Tori Karaage from DC Frozen Chicken

Tori Karaage - Japanese fried chicken is always on my to-order list when dining in at a Japanese restaurant. It is usually found in boneless small bite sizes. Having them in skewers make it a relatively pleasant and easy finger food. Grabbing a stick is way easier than having to use cutlery and is cleaner than using bare hands. I love this awesome idea!

Preparing authentic, crispy and delicious Japanese fried chicken is as easy as ABC with DC Frozen Products!!

Nothing beats having juicy Karaage Chicken soaked in a Sweet and Sour Nanban Sauce! Chicken Nanban is usually always served with a side of Japanese mayonnaise sauce. Absolutely irresistible!

Happy Birthday Meryl! It's one of my bestie's birthdays again, and we organized a simple birthday celebration dinner for her at 'American TapRoom', a bistro which is located along the Geylang area (walking distance from Kallang MRT Station).

We ordered a glass of beer (Summer Session Ale) each as a form of girl's night-out drink!

We ordered a 1-for-1 shoestring flavored Fries - And the flavors were Cajun and Truffle!

We had a Duck Pizza and a dozen Buffalo Wings.

We had a simple Keto cake to end our session. May all your wishes come true, Meryl. Always stay happy and pretty!

Baby picked me up from work everyday, and recently we settled our dinner at Noodle Thai - Thai Kitchen which is located at Beach Road. We started off with Crispy Pork. We had Prawns with Tang Hoon Claypot and Seafood Tom Yum Soup. The damage was about SGD41-ish, and thanks Baby for the treat!

I end my post with my lunch with my working /lunch buddies at British Hainan which is located at Purvis Street. This Curry Hainanese Rice tasted pretty good, but the damage of SGD15.90 was way too expensive in my opinion.


This keto cake looks funny
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