Hello Brand's Lutein Essence ; Goodbye Tired eyes + EKSELENCE® gourmet ice cream from Northern Europe

I was looking forward to try out this wonderful new supplement, and it's all thanks to 'Try and Review'! I've been taking a bottle of Brand's Lutein Essence daily before bedtime to support my vision health.

Lutein protects our eyes from harmful free-radical damage caused by ‘blue light’. Wondering what is ‘blue light’ and where does it come from? Our eyes are exposed to blue light almost every day. Daily usage of electronic devices that contain screens, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets all produce blue light!

I love this healthful beverage-supplement which is meant to boost our eye health. It tasted better. It tasted better when refrigerated but it is kinda too sweet for my liking. Nevertheless, it’s still my first choice of supplement to improve vision health. 

It doesn’t really have an immediate effect on my eyesight, but I guess it might in the long run! To be honest, I found that it did help to soothe my dry eyes after long hours of working/looking at the laptop without relying too much on eye drops.

This product is definitely suitable for people with blurred vision, tired eyes and dry eyes. If your daily lifestyle requires you to be exposed to blue light from your computer or mobile phone frequently, then this might be an amazing product for you!

Both Baby and I love ice-cream, especially the weather has been scorching lately. Besides jumping into the pool for a swim, one can consider having a tastier alternative! 

EKSELENCE® has launched the following new flavours ‘Macchiato Ice Cream Stick’ and the ‘New Mini Classic’ (Almond and Latte Flavour.)

This gourmet ice cream hails from Northern Europe/Latvia, and these guys know what’s up with Ice cream! For coffee lovers especially, you can now enjoy coffee in the form of an ice cream!

They are available at all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets. 


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