[random] Wattana Thai Kitchen + Lau Wang Claypot Delights + McDonald’s x Ben Yeo - Hainanese Chicken Burger

Baby and I decided to have some local favorites to celebrate our Nation's 56th Birthday!

Singaporeans love chicken rice, and being a true blue Singaporean, we were delighted that McDonald’s worked together with actor/chef Ben Yeo to launch Singapore’s very first crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger. Taking inspiration from the classic chicken rice that we locals love, the burger comes with a sachet of dark sweet sauce!


In order to enjoy the burger at its fullest, you have to eat it in a certain way. I chose to take off the top bun and drizzled the sauce over the crispy chicken patty. The dark sweet sauce was a great finisher to the entire burger! I suppose it drew inspiration from the usual chicken rice stalls one can find anywhere in Singapore. So remember guys, the magic lies in the dark sweet sauce!

I am now fully vaxxed!! We can now dine in at restaurants, and our first choice as always is Sushiro. I am glad that the government has eased up on the ‘SMM’ rules for people who have been fully vaccinated.

Our damage was SGD55-ish! It is my treat for my Baby for doing the take-away jobs for the past few months. With this sushi fix, our craving was fulfilled.

Lau Wang Claypot Delights has opened an outlet at SingPost Centre. We are naturally excited to discover this hidden gem as it is located within a five-minute drive or a train station away from where I stay. This local eatery serves traditional claypot rice and herbals soups.

My go-to item has always been their signature Claypot Sesame Chicken, and we were also given an option to have it cooked with chilli as well, which is exactly what we chose! The bite-sized which we went for it too. The bite-sized chicken chunks are extremely tender and flavorful. The gravy went so well with the white rice.

Both Baby and I love Thai food, and we miss our trips to Bangkok and Phuket very much. It is not hard to find Thai cuisine in Singapore, but the authentic ones are pretty hard though. Recently, I got to know about this eatery place through a property agent while we were looking for our home during the first quarter of 2021!

We visited the Wattana Thai Kitchen which is located within walking distance from Kallang MRT station. It offers one of the very best authentic Thai Cuisine taste in Singapore in my opinion! It is definitely a real hidden gem with really authentic Thai dishes! I love the Phad Thai and BBQ Pork very much. Highly recommended!

Travelling is now pretty impossible during this period of time, so to be able to taste authentic Thai cuisine right here in Singapore is great! This is a small compensation now in-exchange for bigger enjoyment later!

The PLQ Mall has become our most frequent mall ever since we moved in to the east. We recently settled our dinner at Paradise Dynasty at PLQ Mall on a random weekday. Our damage was SGD40. It was pretty affordable all thanks to the members’ perk rebates. Thanks Baby for the meal!

After the government eased up on the 'SMM' restrictions for Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) as part of Singapore's transition towards COVID resilience, I will now have to head back to the office on an alternate week basis. I will need to clear up on most of the about to be expired food in my fridge!

I used 2 packets of instant noodles to make mini hotpot for us on a random weekend for our lunch. We used whatever ingredients we had in our freezer. Here it goes! We had cocktails hotdogs, crab sticks, meatballs, baby corns, luncheon meat, beancurd rolls and vegetable dumplings.

Thanks for hopping by my space! Stay tuned for more updates…


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