[Happy Weekend] Tan Yu 探鱼 - Somerset 313 + Gathering at Keljessloft

Baby and I headed to town to have our dinner at Tan Yu , which is located at Somerset 313. 

Both of us are not a fan of classic mala cuisine, so therefore, we ordered the Grilled Fish with Soy Sauce (a non-spicy version!) For our easy indulgence, we picked up fish fillets instead of a whole fish as we hate fish bones!

I enjoyed eating the Noodles with Garlic Oil, and it has become a ‘MUST-ORDER’ item in Tan Yu  for me!

This time round, we ordered the Lamb Kebabs Skewers. Each skewer was perfectly grilled! Thanks Baby for the nice meal!

The novita Nano Copper Ions Surgical Respirator R2 is an excellent facemask option, as it is well fitting and is very easy to breathe in too! It can be used for more than a day, and it maintains protection and provides maximum comfort too!

With 4-ply filter layers, it helps to achieve more than 99.0% particle filtration efficiency against PM0.3 and 99.9% against bacteria. Most importantly, it is enhanced with nano copper ions to actively eliminate bacteria. It allows for improved breathability, ensuring both comfort and safety.

This mask is definitely worth checking out, and do visit https://novita.com.sg/nanor2 for more information.

Recently, I invited Chewy and Meryl over to my place for an lunch session. Baby suggested cooking lunch to host them. He prepared Kimchi Cheese Penne. We were glad that they enjoyed it very much, as they helped themselves with several helpings.

They stayed till 930pm, we chatted happily at the balcony, and we had a great time doing absolutely nothing together.

We end our night with a cup of lovely flower tea from Haflong Tea!


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