Mediterranean fare party with EPIKebabs + Dinner at Thai Imperial Kitchen

We had a little Mediterranean fare party at my place, and thanks EPIKebabs for the lovely treat and delivery service which was top notch!

EPIKebabs is halal-certified, and offers delicious, quick, filling meals at wallet-friendly prices, using fresh ingredients and natural herbs and spices.

The Meat Plate makes for a good sharing appetizer or snack. I love the delectable slice of kebab meat with crispy fries that was topped with EPIK Sauce. Each mouthful is divine! It is delicious and filling. Highly recommend!

The Falafel is a MUST-ORDER side dish / snack for Mediterranean cuisine. It is made from deep-fried ground chickpeas and herbs. With a slightly crisp exterior, and a moist, warm, soft interior!

The Kebab Roll - a soft, chewy flatbread wrap, was tightly packed with a generous, yet well-balanced ration of vegetables and meat!

I love the crunchy lettuce and purple cabbage, along with the thinly sliced beef meat, and tangy barbecue sauce. The only downside is that the beef meat was pretty dry in texture. Overall it's still average at best! You can also opt for Chicken or mix of both meats too!

Both Baby and I love Thai food, and we miss our trips to Bangkok and Phuket very much. It is pretty easy to find Thai cuisine in Singapore, but the authentic and delicious ones are hard though. Recently, I got to know about this eatery place by chance and it's located at Sims Avenue.


We visited the Thai Imperial Kitchen which is located within walking distance from our residence. It offers a wide selection of authentic Thai Cuisine as well as Mookata.

It is definitely a real hidden gem with really authentic Thai dishes! I love the Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice and Tom Yum Seafood Soup very much. Highly recommended!

Though travelling is now possible, it is still quite a hassle. Hence I'm glad to be able to taste authentic Thai cuisine right here in Singapore! I hope this is a small compensation for better things to come soon!

The PLQ Mall has become our most frequent mall ever since we moved in to our new place. We recently settled our dinner at Kinsa Sushi at PLQ Mall on a random weekday. 

Thanks Baby for the meal, and we will be back again for try out other items in the menu! 


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