[product review] LYLA + Mizuji hair products

If your scalp is sensitive and hair is coarse, it could be due to the high pH levels in your  in your shampoo. LYLA will help to restore the natural oil and water balance, and will result in reduction of irritation on the scalp and hair.

LYLA is made with comforting earthy fragrances and natural ingredients derived from clean soil. There are no sulfates and is of a 100% EWG Green Grade. It is safe for expectant mothers, as the LYLA Shampoo is completely free of any toxins and allergens.

LYLA promotes a vegan lifestyle that offers an affordable price, even though the product uses premium scents and ingredients. I love to experience eco-friendly shampoos and luxurious scents without hurting my pockets. 

LYLA's Caffeine Anti Hair Loss contains Patchouli Essential Oil, and this ingredient can only be found in high-end products. It offers a natural woody and earthy scent.

It is formulated with natural scalp conditioning ingredients and essential Anti Hair Loss Ingredients such as Menthol & Peppermint Oil to relieve itchiness and provides a cooling effect.

LYLA with Artichoke Leaf Extract is specially formulated for intensive repair to strengthen weak hair. The shampoo bears a morning garden scent to soothe one's soul, and it contains essential oils to naturally enhance shine, retain moisture, and leave necessary levels of oil in hair.

I am very picky when it comes to my hair products, but LYLA shampoo surprises me and I love how it made my hair feel smooth and hydrated. The scent is gorgeous too. I have a natural-curl hair type, and it is pretty hard to keep it tamed and hydrated.

Thanks LYLA for the experience! After I started using the Vegan Caffeine Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and the Intensive Repair Shampoo, my scalp felt more clean and refreshed!

Thanks for the chance for me to be part of the Mizuji 14 Days Healthy Hair Challenge. Mizuji is a Singapore brand founded in mid-2020 with the ideology of helping individuals with hair issues.

Judging from the amount of hair strands I have left on a comb when I use it,  I know I am facing a hair thinning issue. One major issue is that I have been coloring my hair for years and this process could be one of the reasons on why i face dry and weakened hair. I am highly dependent on hair shampoo and conditioner/mask, and always on a lookout for good ones to maintain my hair.

Fortunately, I have been trying out the Mizuji Rejuvenating Shampoo for almost 2 weeks, and and i am impressed with its ability to strengthened my hair as well as reduce hair fall. It is specially created for daily use, and it is suitable for bleached or dyed hair, brittle hair, damaged hair, dry Hair, easily tangled hair and frizzy hair.

Mizuji Daily Hair Mask is formulated with natural premium ingredients, and it helps to repair the the cracks in hair follicles, reduce hair porosity, and strengthen the hair from within. The Daily Hair Mask helps to deeply moisturize, minimize frizz and repair my hair to make it soft and shiny. The effects are instantaneous and lasting.

Suffering from damaged hair due to frequent chemical treatment and hair loss due to hair breakage? The Mizuji hair products might be your savior for these issues as they are specially formulated to aid with hair regrowth and repair. Cheers to good hair days ahead with Mizuji!


I dont know this brand.

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