Balaji Wafers Nacho Launch Event + Chupa Chups Pop Up at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Thanks for having me at the Balaji Wafers Nacho Launch Event, and I brought Meryl along with me to this private event.

Balaji Wafers is one of India’s leading snack-food manufacturers and their distributors in Singapore are Saffron Feathers Pte Ltd. Recently, they have launched their latest product - "Cheese Chilli" and "Flamin' Hot". These classic nachos come in a flaming hot twist, and will definitely rock your taste buds!

Upon reaching the premises, we were greeted by a tons of snacks by Balaji Wafers

We took some photos at the premises, and in our goodies, there was a lucky draw number and Lady Luck was with me that day! I brought home a lucky box filled with different products from Balaji Wafers!

I unboxed my lucky box, and these were my winning snacks!

The box is filled with many packets of Chataka Pataka - Masala Masti / Chataka Pataka - Tangy Tomato / Chataka Pataka - Flamin Hot

Balaji Wafers Stack Up / Balaji Wafers Stack Up - Sizzling Chilli

The Chataka Pataka - Tangy Tomato is an interesting Indian snack, and it is pretty addictive.

Thanks Balaji Wafers for the lovely goodies which consisted of a "My Melody" Hand Sanitizer Holder as well as a bottle of Walch Hand Sanitizer. I can attach it to my bag for easy usage and it gives a cute factor to my overall OOTD too!

It has been a super long hiatus since I last attended a physical event, and this brought back many find memories of yester-year. I am so looking forward for the next event invitation! 

Chupa Chups lollipops are my favorite childhood candy, and I recall a fond memory on how I used to love pretending smoking a "cigarette" in my mouth by using a lollipop! I'm quite certain most of us have tried doing this when we were children!

It was such a lovely nostalgic childhood memory for me, and I was really relieved to experience my good old days again with these displays of the Chupa Chup Lollipops at Changi Airport Terminal 3. The brightly colored displays are totally Instagram-worthy!

Both Baby and I simply can’t resist ourselves to snap a photo against the giant-sized Chupa Chups Lollipop!

I had a great fun time with the kids! This is definitely a sure hit for the little ones! Don't miss out on them as the event will end after the 3rd of May 2022!


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