[product review] BePlain Cicaterol Ampoule + BePlain Cicaterol Moisturizer & unboxing gift set from NATURAL EUMORA

Life has changed ever since the pandemic and wearing a mask is now the new norm when going out. Recently, this measure was eased somewhat and wearing a mask is now only required indoors or while taking public transport.


However, wearing a face mask too much will cause redness of the skin, and some might even experience a breakout in acne due to humidity.

Luckily, I was contacted by Be Plain directly, and they sent me both the BePlain Cicaterol Ampoule and BePlain Cicaterol Moisturizer from Korea! It helps to calm sensitive skin without harmful ingredients.

The BEPLAIN Cicaterol Ampoule has a powerful Soothing & Recovery formula to relieve irritated, sensitive skin.


The Cicaterol Ampoule looks thick in the bottle and I was concerned it would be very greasy and heavy, but to my surprise it is super lightweight and goes on like water. It spreads very well and absorbs almost instantly. There is no greasy residue, and I am very pleased. It’s so lightweight I feel like there’s nothing on my face. It feels soothing and my skin feels hydrated. It was very gentle and made my skin feel more refreshed. I’m very sensitive to scents and this serum is odorless. Overall, this is a nice product and I would definitely recommend it!

I was introduced to BePlain Cicaterol Moisturizer, and I have been using it for about a week. It is a mild and gentle cream, and it is not oily as compared to other creams. It is lightweight, easily absorbed into the skin and does not leave my face feeling greasy or sticky. It works well on my sensitive and dry skin.

I keep my morning routine simple and apply this after I cleanse my face. The BePlain Cicaterol Ampoule is followed by applying the new Holy Grail BePlain Cicaterol Moisturizer, follow by some sunscreen.


I love parcel-unboxing! I felt like I was opening a gift when I unboxed my winning prize from NATURAL EUMORA. The gift set came with flowers in a glass canister!


I have never in my life used a bar on either my face or on my hair, as many soap bars in the market tend to dry up skin or reduce moisture from hair. However, after reading up on the ingredients and formulation of the beauty bars from NATURAL EUMORA, I am willing to give it a try!

The EUMORA products are made with 100% natural ingredients, and they are great for skin especially with anti-aging and detoxifying properties.


I love their beauty bars as they are hypoallergenic. The facial bar brightens and moisturizes the skin while minimizing pore sizes! As for the shampoo bar, it deep cleanses and revitalizes hair to a natural vibrancy.

Thanks for the soap dish that was included in the winning package, as this is the simplest way to maintain the cleanliness of these beauty bars.

If you are interested in trying out these beauty bars, you can get them by clicking the below link. Happy shopping!



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