Product Review - OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover + Homecooked Tonjiru / Butajiru

Who likes to spend their whole day scrubbing dirt and stains? It’s always a frustrating experience, and therefore having a stain remover in your laundry room is an effective way to combat errant stains.

I was happy to be selected by 'Home Tester Club' to do a test review of the OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover’. At the same time, I was also glad and lucky to be introduced to this amazing product, as it is a handy product to fight every problematic stain that i have been facing in doing laundry.

OxiClean has earned its reputation as the color-safe stain remover for laundry and almost any other surface in your home. This stain remover powder works wonders on tough stains almost everywhere.

I also used it for my intimate wear as they are delicate. It eliminated the most stubborn stains without  damaging the fabric. To me, it is a fantastic product, as it saves me from a lot of hassle. It really does an amazing cleaning job!

Thanks for sending the product over and for the wonderful try-out. I do hope you guys enjoy my mini experience of the product!

Baby loves everything Japanese, and one of his favorite Japanese TV dramas is called “Shinya Shokudo (深夜食堂)” or “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories” which can be found on Netflix. He has never missed one episode of this series, and if you are fan of this popular TV drama, you will know that in every episode’s opening scene, the main character Chef/Master is seen to be making a big pot of hearty soup in the kitchen. He makes Butajiru/Tonjiru (豚汁) - a savory miso soup with pork and root vegetables.

My sweetest hubby made this hearty soup for us, after he had seen several episodes of Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories. He decided to execute it on a cold and rainy day. It's obviously a staple for cold-weather, which can even be enjoyed in Singapore! It tasted pretty good, and both of us loved it very much. Thanks Baby, Oishi desu!

I end my post with my recent dinner at Circuit Road Food Centre. Baby queued for about 15mins for the fried prawn mee as the line for Tian Seng Fried Prawn Mee was pretty horrendous.


We also ordered a plate of Bamboo Clams steamed with Garlic to go along with our noodles too!

Lastly, my brekkie at Macpherson Minced Meat Noodles and it is located at Tai Thong Crescent. This stall usually sells out by noon time, so do pop by early to avoid disappointment!


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