Breitling 70th Anniversary of The Navitimer + Aunty Esther’s X Particlub

Both Baby and I registered for the Breitling 70th Anniversary of The Navitimer event which was held at ION Sky.

We took some random photos at the premises, and thanks for the goodies!

Are you a fan of Rosemary & Herbs? Are you also a fan of butter? Imagine having both of them together!

SCS Dairy has a new spreadable butter with Rosemary & Herbs which can go with anything! Your toast will be that more scrumptious and even pancakes are a great fit! With the sweetness of pancakes and the slight savory taste of the Rosemary & Herbs butter, it makes a breakfast for champions!! 

The Rosemary & Herbs butter can be found at any major supermarket, so hurry on down to get one for yourself today!

A month has yet again passed, so it's time to show and give a review on my Partibox from ParticlubThis time round, the gift box contained only Aunty Esther’s snacks! I received 5 packets on total, and they were 2 packs of Truffle Potatoes Crisps, 2 packs of Salted Egg Potatoes Crisps, and a packet of Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps.

I was kind of disappointed that there was no 'Partimerch' for this month's edition. Nevertheless, I shall wait for the next edition!

This summarizes all the goodies that I received from this Edition from Particlub! I am now so looking forward to the next edition! Do stay tuned, as I will share again on the box's content on my space!

I end my post with a recent dinner at 18 Taiseng with my Baby. We had pretty decent meal at Kinzan-Ya Japanese Restaurant.


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