My food review - Zaffron Kitchen + Kanada-Ya + Ho Fook Hei Soy Sauce Chicken

I love to spend our weekends in the pool, as it is the best way to chase the working stress away!

We visited Zaffron Kitchen which is located at East Coast Road (Katong area), and I really have to say they have exceeded our expectations! We really enjoyed ourselves and we have ear-marked it as our go-to restaurant whenever we have a craving for Indian cuisine.

To accompany the protein we had Basmanti Biryani Rice and Naan Garlic. The biryani rice was cooked to perfection, as it was flavorful and tasty, especially as it was spiced with garam masala. It was a good companion for the main dishes.

The Naan Garlic had a fluffy and chewy soft texture, and had a delicate and savory herbal spice flavor. Both of us loved it so much!

The boneless Chicken Tikka had a tender and moist texture, with a bold and savory yet sweet spicy smoky flavor!

However, our favorite dish of the day has got to be this dish - Butter Chicken! The boneless tender chicken chunks were flavorful. The Butter Chicken is their star dish, as it is the best-selling item! It is definitely worth both our thumbs up!

Zaffron Kitchen is definitely worth a try, if you are craving for some Indian food in the East. Even though the food was pretty pricey, you are assured of good quality and yummy servings!

The Kordoba Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 100% pure, first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. What’s most important is that there are no artificial preservatives, and is all naturally processed. The glass bottle is slightly tinted, as to protect the olive oil from exposure to sunlight. It is ideally to be stored in the pantry or inside a kitchen cabinet once opened.

The Kordoba Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not too heavy on the palate and doesn’t have a bitter after taste. It is mild in flavor and good for everyday use even as a dip with bread. I also season my salads with the olive oil too! It is perfect for baking, in salad dressings or seafood dishes, and it will definitely hold a place in your home-cooking. If you’re looking for an authentic olive oil taste, this bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is definitely the right choice for you! Lastly, thanks for the smooth delivery! 

Both Baby and I are ramen lovers, and we settled our dinner at Kanada-Ya, which is located at Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ),

Apart from ramen, we also ordered one side dish, a plate of Gyoza which we shared between us. The damage was SGD50 for two persons. To be honest, after a long hiatus of not visiting this Ramen eatery, we felt that the standard had dropped somewhat. The damage was not really worth it, as we both felt that the broth was lukewarm and not piping hot, and the flavor itself seemed different. We were pretty disappointed by the the food 
we received. It's quite a strong possibility that we will stop visiting this eatery!

I end my post with my lunch date with my usual clique at Suntec City. We settled for a meal at Ho Fook Hei Soy Sauce Chicken. I don’t how to express my thought for my experience, as I felt that it wasn’t as tasty as before. Note:- My last visit was way back in December 2021, so the chef may have changed!


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