[product review] OVACO 4D Dynamic Benefit + Jung Beauty Probiotics & Neuropeptide Power Booster Capsules

As time goes by, our skin will lose its elasticity. Therefore, we need a skincare programme to slow down our aging processes.

I've recently tried out the set - OVACO 4D Dynamic Benefit which was courtesy of OVACO and 0.8L. It consists of 4 products - 3 serums and 1 cream which contains effective anti-aging formulas.

The OVACO 4D Dynamic Benefit has become one of the famous skin care programs that are normally used in spas that offer effective facial lifting. I am glad that OVACO has prepared a home-care version which makes it more approachable for everyone to enjoy this spa-like aesthetic experience, in the ease of one's own home!

It is an all-in-one comprehensive skincare solution targeting hydration, circulation, boosting and nourishment with natural ingredients. This set is excellent for all ages to promote healthy, hydrated and firm skin.

Step 1. Structure : Skin volume up | Moisturizing

Step 2. Circulation / Vitality : Metabolic activation

Step 3. Reinforce : Skin turnover

Step 4. Management : Providing oxygen and nutrition

Step 1 - Structure Serum has a watery texture with no scent, while Step 2 - Circulation Serum has an oily texture with a funny/weird scent.

Step 3 - Reinforce Serum has a milky texture with a mild scent, and lastly Step 4 - Management Cream has a rich texture with a natural scent.

The 4D Dynamic Benefit last-stage of care cream provides skin energy that increases as time goes by as well as improving skin appearance from tiredness. I love the quick absorption formula that delivers visible results. The non-sticky/greasy moisturizer is always a crowd pleaser for most consumers.

My normal beauty routine is usually short and simple, so the steps for the set caught me by surprise. After about a week of daily use, I could see ample and significant results! In conclusion, I was happy and surprised about how clear and glowing I looked. However, I’m normally used to just using 1 serum, so I had to adjust myself to follow the instructions given. To be honest, I still prefer a short and quick routine with only 1 serum in my beauty regimen, but one can expect great results by following these added steps!

Hence, if you are okay and do not mind having a long routine in your skincare regime, then OVACO 4D Dynamic Benefit might meet your needs as it encompasses hydrating, brightening and firming benefits in their products. It is a great skincare option if you are looking for a spa-like skincare experience at the comfort of your home!

I received a newly launched product from Jung Beauty -  Probiotics & Neuropeptide Power Booster Capsule via the Ksisters’ Consumer Tester Event. I am delighted to embark on a beauty journey with Jung Beauty

The Jung Beauty Probiotics & Neuropeptide Power Booster Capsules go through a strict technological process to achieve only the purest, freshest and highest quality without using any preservatives.

Each 100% freeze-dried daily booster capsule delivers an anti-aging power for the skin, as well as to take care of our skin barrier as a protecting booster. I really love the concept of combining the Power Booster Capsules with my regular toner for maximum potency. Once the capsule is dissolved with toner water, it forms a highly concentrated booster toner that is added to my beauty regime.

The result is pretty rapid as I could see a difference within a week of usage. It is a great and safe product and I highly recommend it!


I apply it twice a day - once in the morning and once at night continuously. It plays an important role in my part of daily skincare regime, and I love seeing my radiant and velvety-smooth skin after each application. I am happy that I have added these products to my skincare collection to feel the glow in everywhere I go!

Thanks Ksisters for sending the products over and for the wonderful try-out. Do check them out, as they launched on the 19/May 2022.


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