Birthday Celebration at Mott32 + Brunch at One Prawn & Co + Sweet fix at Monday Blues

We love Dim Sum, so Baby and I decided to bring Mum Vi to Mott32 Singapore which is located at Marina Bay Sands for her birthday celebration! The restaurant offers Dim Sum classics with a sumptuous makeover.

We started off our meal with the Dim Sum Platter which consists of Soft Quail Egg, Iberico Pork, Black Truffle Siu Mai. They were simply delicious!

We also ordered the Signature Crispy Sugar-coated Peking Duck Bun.

We also had a plate of Crispy Pork Belly and some yummy Spring Rolls.

We also ordered a noodles dish for Mum Vi to conclude the meal, as it is very important to have noodles on one's birthday - To the Chinese, it represents longevity!

At the end of our meal, Mum V was served with a complimentary dessert that had a written 'Happy Birthday' as well! The service rendered to us was top-notch, and the serving staff was very friendly and approachable. Dining at Mott32 has exceeded every expectation. We were pretty impressed with the food served.

Baby brought me to One Prawn & Co on a random weekend for brunch, and we were lucky, as after we arrived a line began to form a line after we entered the premises.

We ordered the Tasting Platter of fried Chinese fritters consisting of Crispy Prawn Cracker, Handmade fishcake, Pork Ngoh Hiang Roll, seafood rolls, Sotong Youtiao, and Fried Beancurd. It was pretty good! I will do it again whenever I am here for the prawn noodles.

I ordered the soup version with my choice of noodles. Do note that One Prawn & Co served the noodles and ingredients separately. 

Whether you order the soup or the dry version of the prawn noodles, you will still get a separate earthen clay pot which has a tasty broth that will contain your prawns and main ingredients. OMG! The broth was  rich and delicious, as it was brewed for hours in order to achieve the taste. I love the soup very much as it holds a unique taste and most importantly no MSG was used at all!

However, I will say that this is not a usual bowl of prawn noodle as it comes with a hefty price tag! We paid the total damage of SGD40-ish which included 2 drinks! 

We ended our Sunday with some sweet fix at Monday Blues which is located along the Geylang area.

I strongly recommended you guys to try out their Waffles with Ice-cream. The waffles were crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside! Both Baby and I really enjoyed it very much. There were many different ice-cream flavors to choose from. We picked up the safest flavor (Cookies & Cream) to go with our waffles! The texture of the ice cream was pretty good!

If you are feeling the Monday Blues on Sunday night, you can hang out at the place till 3AM!


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