iLight Marina Bay + Dole VIP box experience + Welcome pack from TheBeauClub

We re-visited the Super Thai Singapore by Soi Aroy which is located at Upper Aljunied Road. It was only a less than 10-minute-drive away from our residence. This eatery place is known for their yummy and authentic Thai food. I love their quality dishes at affordable prices. We had a delicious spread for dinner!

It is definitely a real hidden gem with really authentic Thai dishes! I love the King Prawn with Vermicelli in Claypot and Tom Yum Seafood Soup very much. Highly recommended!

After a long hiatus, iLight Marina Bay made a comeback after the pandemic. On a random Saturday, Baby and I went to Marina Bay to visit the newest edition of the iLight Marina Bay 2022and it is running from now until the 26th of June, 2022.

‘Fallen’ - photogenic art installation of a jellyfish

The Fireflies is probably the most IG-worthy installation!

Projected on the ArtScience Museum - ‘ClimateChange Data Sculpture’

My random lunch with my office lunch mates at Braise 卤之家 which is located at Golden Mile Food Centre. We went for their Lu Rou Fan. Nothing beats having a nice meal and a great chat with my lunch kakis!

Thanks for sending over the Dole VIP box which contains delectable flavors of Dole Fruit Bowls, and I got the opportunity to experience all-natural fruit with no artificial ingredients.

The 100% juice Dole fruit bowls tasted pretty good, and the fruits are not mushy at all, but in fact they are great in texture. I am glad that the fruits are being sealed freshly in the bowl.

The Dole fruit bowls were yummy, and the most important thing is that the sweetness was at the right level for me! I am a ‘Siu Dai’ person, so I usually don’t go for sweet stuff but these fruit bowls are just right for me!

I received a welcome pack from TheBeauClub, and inside consist of various of products from different Brands.

I really can’t wait to try them all, and lastly thank for the welcome kit!


Wow. Amazing dumplings.

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