A day out with friends

We had a mini gathering with Hongwei, as to welcome him back to Singapore after his 1 year plus of training in Brunei. We went to Yum Cha, Chinatown for some Dim Sum fix.
We ordered quite a number of Dim Sum selections for our lunch such as Siew Mai, Xiao Long Bao, Prawn Fritters, Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun, Scallops in yam Ring and etc...

The damage was SGD65-ish, and it was pretty minimal cost for us as we paid like SGD16-ish per person. We enjoyed the food very much, and this makes the damage worth paying. Truly eaten, well spent!!

As Hongwei is craving for Cze Char even since he came back from Brunei, so we decided to fulfill his desire by doing a Cze Char fix for dinner...  
 We went to Lee Heng Restaurant which is located at Commonwealth Crescent, and I ordered my MUST-EAT item, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs whenever I visit this eatery place. Each piece of the delectable spare rib was cooked to tender perfection and the portion was decent for 2-3 persons. The damage was affordable and the food was generally good, and if you are craving for cheap and good Cze Char goodness, do try out the food selection at Lee Heng Restaurant.
Argh!! I think I am going to miss out on Turbo in the cinemas, as the timings are getting odd each day. Oh well, I shall watch it via online or DVD... There are too many nice movies to catch lately, and the weekday evenings and weekend are crowded and it is pretty difficult to get tickets too. 

Why are weekends so SHORT? I am always suffering from a shortage of time with too many things to do in one go... Recently, I watched a Korean Horror Movie, 'Don't Click' via online, and it was released in 2012. I love the story plot although there are full of frightening scenes and scary elements which are good but the fear level of the movie is still within my threshold. Do watch it if you are a horror genre person!!


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