Ramen fix at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar is located at a cozy corner of Holland Village, and it is an eatery focusing on selling Japanese ramen. It originates from Hakata, Japan and Hakata ramen bears a distinctive ultra thin ramen with film texture which is served in ra ich broth extracted from pork bones.
I am a fan of Japanese cuisine especially Ramen, so I suggested to have ramen for our dinner fix on a random weekday after our work.

Currently, Yoshimaru Ramen Bar is running the Ramen Challenge in which patrons will have their photos pinned up on the wall of fame, if they manage to finish a large bowl of ramen with extra ingredients added in the fastest time! Now, the fastest eater is counting at 5 mins-ish!!
Upon seating, we were given a DIY sesame grinding bowl to grind our sesame topping for our ramen and it really enhanced the broth with more fragrante and makes it more appetizing.

Baby had Spicy Miso Ramen
I had Garlic Ramen, and the cloudy white broth is thick and also rich in collagen. The ramen is very smoothly crafted (somewhat like Marutama Ramen). I prefer Garlic Ramen as the soup base tasted better and stronger.

The Crispy Japanese Fried Chicken tasted wonderfully juicy and flavorful, and they are really great as munching snacks. 
Each Gyoza is filled with well-marinated meat chunks and vegetables, and they are pan-fried till a little brownish and crispy on the outside.

The damage was SGD39-ish, and overall Yoshimaru Ramen Bar is worth a shot if you are looking for cheap-frills ramen. 


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