TGIF dinner at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant + random doings

It has been almost more than a year since I last visited Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, as per my blog timeline. It indictated that my last visit was in June 2012, and I am happy to have a blog to drop down all the things I did and places I went to all these while... To me, blog-ging is like an online daily diary to keep track of my life events.
I love having a nice dinner on a Friday night, as this is a good start to welcome the weekends and 'fighting' for the next coming weekdays (*working days*).

We ordered the Kankoku Butechigae Nabe (Cabbages, pork, kimchi, instant noodle, leeks, carrots, tofu, golden mushroom and special spicy hot pot soup)

It is the Korean-style Army Hot-pot Stew in a lay man terms, and the soup will be topped-up upon requesting, so no worries about not having enough soup in this shallow and small  pot.
We enjoyed the savory soup loads, and it is quite a good portion and truly warming for those who loves some rustic spicy stew like us!!
As per our normal routine, we always ordered 2 side dishes to complete our meal, but however we were sad to see that our favorite Gyu Tsukune (Hamburger Meat Balls with Eggs) has been lifted out from the menu. Oh well, what to do, but I REALLY love the well-pan fried well-seasoned meat patties!
We enjoyed the Tako Satsuma Age (Tako fish cake) very much, it tasted yummy and it makes a good appetizer/snack...

We ordered something new from the menu, Miso Onigiri (Rice Balls with Miso Paste). It is worth mentioning too as we savored every bit of it.
The serving of food was pretty efficient and the staff was attentive too. The damage was affordable as it only cost us SGD33-ish.

I bet everybody are disgusted by maggots, as they are soft and legless, and they look creepy and slimy... But Baby got me a pair of cute and adorable looking maggot plush toys, and it was love at first sight...  
Hello Maggot, Squirmer!!
Mine are from the Lumpy Charms Edition!! If you like them too, do visit to find more limited edition versions of Hello Maggot.
I brought Sweetie for her mini birthday celebration, we went to the Ramen Play @ 313 Somerset to get our ramen cravings fixed.

Argh!! I missed Monster University in cinemas, shall watch it via online or DVD... Too many blockbuster movies to catch lately and the weekend is so short with so many things to do in one go, but luckily, I watched Despicable Me 2. *phew*
I hereby end my post with the Traditional Piglet Pastry (zhu zai bing) for my sweet fix...


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