[Food Tasting] Canadian Burger Restaurant, Triple O’s

Canadian Burger Restaurant, Triple O’s grilled its first mouth-wateringly delicious burger in 1928, and it is probably one of Singapore’s most popular and talked-about burger restaurants, and there are many rave reviews online.

The third and the newest outlet opens at Orchard Towers, and it is targeting late night shoppers and movie goers as they can expect a burger-o-licious supper feast in a fuss-free yet laid back setting that induces long stays.  
Sweetie and I had the pleasure to attend the food tasting session at Triple O's all thanks to The Influencer Network.
The maximum waiting time is less than 6 minutes and the burger restaurant serve a variety of satisfying sides and drinks like the sweet potato fries and the thick classic milkshakes.

We started off with some milkshakes which come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I chose the Chocolate flavor for myself.

 Lovely sides with dipping sauces were served on the table, and they are great snacks for a group gathering and chat in the eatery premises...
Sweet Potato Fries - Cajun seasoned and they were crispy fried. They tasted dang good when dipped in their signature Chipotle Mayo.

Onion Rings

Crispy Chicken Strips
Poutine (Gravy and Cheese) is topped with melting cheese curds, drizzle them with gravy and serve it all up in Quebec-style. It tasted good, but pretty sinful.

Original (Beef) Burger

The signature and original burger features thick ground fresh beef patties that ooze juices with just a bite. The burgers are made with the freshest ingredients, and they are prepared only when there is an order made.

Cod Fish Burger

Chicken Supreme Burger

The founder of Triple O's is Nat Bailey, a true Canadian icon. Triple O's is located at 400 Orchard Road, Orchard Towers #01-29C Singapore 238875. They open from 10am-5am daily, and they can be reached at 6735-0002.
We concluded our delightful food tasting at Triple O's with a group photo. Thanks once again to The Influencer Network!!


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