Part 1: Hong Kong's food gem - Australia Dairy Co, Tim Ho Wan and etc...

This trip marks my second visit to Hong Kong this year as I did it in March... Oh well, it is kinda insane for a person to go to a particular country two times in a row within half a year, but to me, I am simply in love with the unique neon-light sign boards and amazing night scenery of Hong Kong. Most importantly, we were able to again taste some of the best foods in HKG! We are the ultimate food lovers...
We took Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) to HKG, and the total flying time is about 3hrs 55mins. Apart from having our breakfast on the plane, we headed down to the first 'Char Chaan Teng' named the 'Australia Dairy Company' which is located behind the hotel we were staying through our entire trip. The eatery is insanely famous for their toast with scrambled eggs, steamed milk pudding, and these two items are so popular that every table will definitely order them.
Though the queue was pretty long but the waiting time here is relatively shorter mainly because everyone and everything inside the restaurant evolves at super fast pace. Queue are expected before entering the shop, once we got in the shop, we were hurriedly ushered to an empty seat ,which most likely one can expect to share a table with other patrons. This will be a common occurrence in Hong Kong! There is no service at all as the not-so-friendly-looking waiter walked to take my orders, and the menu is fully in mandarin. 

Food is served within minutes as they expect the customers to finish up their meal as fast as their serving time. There is no time given for lingering at table after eating, as even taking slightly more time to decide what to eat will get the waiters annoyed.   

 The specialty in this eatery are the stacks of 'Steamed Milk Pudding and Egg Custard' but apart from that, there is another specialty, 'Macaroni with Shredded Ham in broth', but the jewel in the crown in this eatery has to be the scrambles eggs 
I ordered the Macaroni with Ham in broth to go along with the toast and scrambled eggs... I love the fluffy scrambled egg served on a piece of crisp toast. The aroma of the scrambled egg has increased my appetite.

 Australia Dairy Company certainly did not disappoint us although the eatery place is pretty crampy and the waiters are not friendly at all. It might have made our experience a little less pleasant due to these factors, but oh well, at least the toast with scrambled egg made up for it!

We headed down to Causeway Bay by MTR next for our dinner and found ourselves at a Shopping Centre called 'Hysan Place'. There is a restaurant here named 'Ho Hung Kee' which has an awarded the One Michelin Star, and the specialty is Wanton Mee...


We had the signature Wanton Noodles Soup and the texture of the noodles was simply firm and chewy.

We shared the Beef Brisket and it was absolutely delicious...

The damage was HKD180 (abt SGD30) and it was a pretty hefty sum to pay for 2 bowls of Wanton Noodles Soup and a plate of Beef Brisket.
 Before we headed home, we spotted this street stall which sells all the local street food and we decided to stop by to get some tantalizing Curry Fish-balls from the stall...
We took the train down to Sham Shui Po for some dim sum indulgence, and this next place is pretty near our hotel. After all the brouhaha and fuss in Singapore on this One, Michelin 1-star Restaurant for dim sum, Tim Ho Wan, we obviously had to go to the original one in Hong Kong instead.  

For a Michelin star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan is definitely very humble, simple and cheap. Sharing table as I mentioned previously, is very common and we were used to it by now. Our orders were served up in a jiff and surprisingly, the staff were pretty friendly and helpful.

The number 1 irresistible and irreplaceable baked BBQ pork bun (char siew bao) by Tim Ho Wan.
Each bite is heavenly for me, and I loved the crispy and yet fluffy at the outside, coupled with the juicy filling of the meat in the inside. The savory taste inside combined the sweetness at the outer pastry was perfectly balanced out for a unique and delicious experience.

The signature Char Siew Bao is not the common run of the mill steamed bao with what flour dough, but rather, it is a baked bao which is a signature of Tim Ho Wan that is unique, and I doubt no one can replicate this dish.

Century Egg Congee in Hong Kong Style
Chee Cheong Fun (rice noodle roll) filled with BBQ pork.

Pan-fried Turnip Cake that tasted totally awesome...

The translucent Har Gao (shrimp dumpling) with a fat shrimp sitting inside, and I love the Siew Mai
The Glutinous Rice comes in a big portion with chicken, pork, sausage, and mushroom and it is wrapped in lotus leaves. The rice absorbed the fragrance of the lotus leaves which made it even more tastier eating alone without the ingredients.
Prior to my trip to Hong Kong, I heard about famous Wanton Mee joint named 'Mak’s Noodles' which was actually given a review by  famous American Chef, Anthony Bourdain! However, I heard the portions were relatively small.
True enough, the noodles were served in a standard rice bowl, and it hardly filled up our stomach at all... BUT I must emphasize that the noodles were S-U-P-E-R-B. This must be the best Wanton Mee I have even eaten so far.
We shared the greenies... I love it very much!!
Tai Cheong is certainly no stranger to all egg tarts lovers, as their egg tarts have been time and again reputed to be one of the best in Hong Kong. I went to the first and original Tai Cheong Bakery which is located in Central, Hong Kong.  


  The egg tart is just so perfectly crumbly on the outside, soft on the inside with a nice aroma of fresh egg taste.

 I love the crusty crisp outer crust and the generous amount of gelatinous, glowing, fresh sunny egg filling. Tai Cheong Bakery is worth visiting when in Hong Kong.
Finally, it is Roasted delights time for our dinner at Relax for a While 輕鬆一下 which is located at Kimberly Road (Tsim Sha Tsui station)  

I had Roasted Goose Rice

Baby had Stir-fried Beef with Rice

Lastly, we shared a bowl of sweet corn soup. It was a pretty pricey meal as we paid more than SGD25 for our dinner...
We had our supper at the Temple Street, Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant after our shopping at the Temple Street Night Market. Holy Shit! It was already midnight and we were still getting our stomach filled.
It was a brand new dining experience for us as we were having our meals along the roadside.

We had Deep Fried Soya Sauce Mantis Shrimps and tasted yummy but be careful when chewing on them as the shell is pretty sharp and it might cut your lip or tongue…

Stir-fried Kang Kong with Fermented Beancurd was the clincher for me during the whole dinner. I enjoyed eating the greenies as they whipped up my appetite...  
----- To be continued -----


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