[Limited Collector’s Edition Kit] Hello Kitty 'Circus of Life'

McDonald’s Hong Kong launched their special summer collection, Hello Kitty 'Circus of Life' plush toys in July for all the hard-core fans of Hello Kitty. Each Hello Kitty features a unique circus character....
During the launch in Hong Kong, fans can purchase a special Hello Kitty "Circus of Life" Limited Collector’s Edition set that includes the four Hello Kitty "Circus of Life" characters plus the limited edition and exclusive Hello Kitty dressed up as a blue Junior Elephant Jumbo. 
This special Hello Kitty 'Circus of Life' Limited Collector’s Edition set also includes a set of special designed Hello Kitty alphabet cards, 4 McDonald’s food voucher (each one worth HKD10), a special Hello Kitty Tasty Card and a Hello Kitty Circus Pop-Up Book.
The Circus of Life Hello Kitty Plush Toy features an unique character in the circus group...
I got my hands on the special Hello Kitty 'Circus of Life' Limited Collector’s Edition set all thanks to Baby... I am still on cloud nine when I am writing this blog post...
Hello Kitty Alphabet Cards
Circus of Life Hello Kitty Pop-up Storybook
Blue Junior Jumbo Hello Kitty Plush
Chimp Hello Kitty Plush

Clown Hello Kitty Plush

Trapeze Hello Kitty Plush
Animal Tamer Hello Kitty Plush

I missed out on 2 plush toys to complete the whole series of 'Circus of Life' which are the special McDelivery Edition plush, Dare Devil and Special Limited Edition plush, Magician.
I hope to collect them when this series comes to Singapore next year, as to complete my whole series of Hello Kitty 'Circus of Life'.


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