[win attractive prizes] Cast your vote on your favorite Real Singapore Hero

Define Red Bull 'Real Singapore Heroes' Campaign  

The Red Bull 'Real Singapore Heroes' Campaign recognizes and rewards fellow Singaporeans and Singapore residents who make a difference to the society through their selfless and noble acts.

These people could be anyone from acquaintance to family members, friends or even neighbours, Wait no more, simply cast your vote on them if you think they deserve to be rewarded for their heroic acts...

It's time to vote for your favorite real Singapore hero and the voting period is running from 30 Sept 2013 – 31 Oct 2013 at http://www.realsgheroes.com/ today!! 

Queuing has become more and more common in Singapore, and when we were young children, we were taught to queue for our turns in order to get things done, but lately I think things are getting out of hand with recent insane queues where people seems to not mind queuing overnight for something! Oh well, they did nothing wrong as they want to ensure that they have a share at the end of the day, nevertheless, I salute the queue enthusiasts!!

I salute our NS Recruits as they are the foundation element for our army in Singapore.  
Pull & Redeem Contest
Pull & Redeem is a promotional redemption contest running in selected shopping malls. In exchange for pull rings found on the Red Bull 25% Less Sugar can, the participant is able to redeem any of the instant premium items of varying values.
Participant collecting the silver rings imprinted with '24/7' from Red Bull Less Sugar cans.
Redemption period is from 1 October 2013 to 31 October 2013.
1 plastic water bottle = 6 rings

1 mini USB bladeless fan = 12 rings

1 Red Bull cap = 24 rings

1 mini inflatable = 36 rings

1 power bank charger = 48 rings

1 egg-shaped fridge = 72 rings

This amazing campaign is brought to you by Red Bull 25% Less Sugar, an energy drink contain less sugar content without diminishing Red Bull's effective energy boost. It also contains key ingredients that enhance the stamina and improve alertness. 


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