Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[Food Review] Wan He Lou - hidden gem in Maude Road

Wan He Lou is located along the stretch of shop-houses at Maude Road. They are known for their Lobster Porridge and other unique creations from award-winning Chef Lau.

The interior setting of the restaurant is pretty simple, but it gives a homely feeling.

I had the special creation, Fresh Vegetable Juice (SGD3). The healthy vegetable juice contains 3 main ingredients - Caixin, Pineapple and Sour Plum. It is free from preservatives. I like this refreshing drink as it gives a sweet/salt-ish treat. 

The Lobster Porridge was awarded the first prize in Culinary Competition as part of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 

Wan He Lou believes in using the best ingredients to create simple and comfort food. Apart from everybody's well-liked Signature Lobster Porridge, Sweet & Sour Kurobuta Pork and Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg also received compliments too.

The Signature Lobster Porridge (SGD29.90; good for 2) is very flavorful and it tasted great. The lobster meat was fresh and sweet.

The congee was prepared in Teochew-style as the rice grains are still visible and distinct.

Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg (SGD 11.90) is super addictive and irresistible. I cannot stop popping more into my mouth. The lotus roots were thinly sliced and deep fried till they are crispy and the salted egg enhanced a better taste to this dish.

I tried both the Signature Lobster Porridge and Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg during the food tasting session and they both tasted awesome.

Prawn Ball with Aloe Vera and Osmanthus (SGD21.90)

The prawns are very fresh and tasty, and texture is perfect too. The whole aroma was enhanced by Osmanthus, but somehow the Aloe Vera tasted kinda bitter. Nevertheless, it is a nice experience as a whole.

Crispy Salt & Pepper Chinese Yam (SGD12.90)

This is my first time trying Chinese Yam a.k.a San Dao as a main dish by itself. Normally, it is used to cook as part of the ingredients for herbal soup. As San Dao is normally tasteless, the chef brilliantly used salt and pepper to season the dish as to bring out flavor to it.

Cod Fish in Spicy Sauce (SGD29.90 (S) ; SGD46.90 (M))
I like this new creation very much as the fish was perfectly deep-fried till it became crunchy and the spicy sauce goes well with the cod fish.

I am glad to meet the owner of the restaurant, Vincent Cheong and thanks for having us. I will be back for their Signature Lobster Porridge and Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg. And oh, one bonus thing about this restaurant is that there is no GST and service charge. All prices stated on the menu are in nett prices.

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