Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[product review] LoveMore Thermal Water Brightening Mask

There are 3 variants of masks for the latest LoveMore Water Beauty Series, and each type is to target a certain skin issue.
Thermal Water Brightening Mask - soothe and reinforce natural skin protection
Glacier Water Soothing Mask - revitalize and clarify for crystal clear complexion
Deep Sea Water Hydrating - eliminate dryness, restore younger looking skin.

I was so happy to be able to try out the Water Beauty Series from LoveMore all thanks to Secretive and I was glad to receive the Thermal Water Brightening Mask which helps to brighten up my skin and say bye bye to dull and uneven skin tone. 

I love the cute packaging as it is a shape of a water bottle/jar.

Thermal Water Brightening Mask is specially formulated to reduce pigmentation and brighten up the skin effectively. Fresh thermal water from Japan volcanic hot spring and it is rich in minerals which help to nourish and brighten up skin.

LoveMore Water Beauty range is specially formulated with a second generation of pure silk that will rapidly increase the penetration of essence and leave the skin smoother, suppler and brighter after each application.

Unlike other mask series from LoveMore, this newest range, the mask comes in 3 layers (plastic sheet, blue sheet and facial sheet.)

The usage of the mask sheet is pretty simple. First of all, remove the plastic sheet and fit the mask sheet over the face then slowly remove the blue non-woven sheet. After 10-15mins of mask-ing, remove the mask sheet and gently pat the remaining essence (residue) into the skin.

The newly formulated and upgraded LoveMore mask sheets are super thin and soft, and as you can see from the images that it is so thin that my flaws are able to be seen through it. 

The mask fits well, and I notice a slight brightening effect on my face after my first mask-ing application, however it was short-lived. Oh well, I believe regular usage will achieve good results. 

LoveMore Water Beauty Series are retailing at SGD13.90 per box (5masks). Do check out my space  for another brand new mask range review by Sexy Look.

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