Monday, April 14, 2014

Launch of YogurBerry at Bugis Junction

YogurBerry hits the perfect balance of sweet and sour and it can be enlivened with various nuts and fresh fruit toppings. YogurBerry is currently one of the fastest growing yoghurt brands, and now they celebrate their third outlet launch at Bugis Junction in Singapore.

YogurBerry is the FIRST & ONLY yogurt brand whose products have a Glycemic Index (GI) lower than 19 (Foods with a GI lower than 19 are generally healthier to consume). The yogurt is made with crystalline fructose - sugar obtained from natural fruits. This natural sweetener helps to boost the taste without adding to the calories! In fact, each serving of YogurBerry is only 25 calories.
YogurBerry boasts a multitude of vitamins and fibre. It also contains only one-third of dairy fat.

I was able to attend the launch of YogurBerry at Bugis Junction all thanks to CK who extended her invite to me.

 See, we, bloggers work as we enjoy...
There are 8 flavors available at outlet in Bugis Junction, and among all, I like Blueberry best!

YogurBerry was a concept birthed in 2004 by WhoStyle Co. Ltd, a Korean company. At YogurBerry, customers can get creative and customise their own desserts however they want. Each portion of yogurt is charged according to its weight.


 I had a delightful indulgence at the YogurBerry launch...

Are you an expert at yogurt creations, if you are, and you might win a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones by joining the instagram contest?  

YogurBerry is offering a 1 for 1 promotion to enjoy the yogurt with your special someone! Just flash this 1-for-1 image (via this blog post) or show them my instagram post by following me on instagram (userid: dipmecocoa) to enjoy a treat from YogurBerry.

Once you have redeemed your yogurt, you can take part in winning a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones that have been worn by the likes of Michael Phelps and Han Hyo Joo! 
Simply follow these steps to participate:
• Take a picture of your creative yogurt creation•
 Post it onto your personal instagram account
• Hashtag '#YogurBerrySG'
• Mention its opening at Bugis Junction
Both 1 for 1 offer and instagram contest end on the 30 April 2014 at 2359 hours, and the winner will be announced on 5 May 2014 on YogurBerry’s Facebook page

Indulge YogurBerry without feeling guilty!
Apart from the newest outlet at Bugis Junction, Food Junction, there are two more outlets in Singapore too which are located at National University of Singapore (NUS), Food Junction and Great World City, Food Junction.

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