Wednesday, April 16, 2014

KERA B Hair Workshop

   I attended the KERA B Hair Workshop which was held at the Marina Bay Sands Ballroom. Baby was there with me at the event, and we were lead to the ballroom once our names were registered.

The hair workshop is presented by KERA B Hair Cosmeceuticals and MediaCorp Channel 8.

KERA B Hair Workshop was hosted by Y.E.S933FM Deejay, Wei Bin and the Special Guest Appearance, Mark Lee who is the ambassador of KERA B Hair Cosmeceuticals

Mark Lee showed us his new hair-style and shared with us his experience with KERA B and the results he obtained after using the products. He was pleased with his hair now and I like how he looks now as he is looking younger each day.

The stage set up was pretty simple with a KERA B back-drop and the products from KERA B Hair Cosmeceuticals which included, the star product, Microfiber Hair Thickener, Shampoo and Conditioner.

There was a set of brand new KERA B Microfiber Hair Thickener with 9 different shades for all the attendees to try on during the event.

Two attendees were chosen to go on stage to try the product during the event, and the presentation was conducted in a funny and cheerful mood, all credits to our homegrown comedian cum director, Mark Lee. It was pretty interesting and I enjoyed every bits of the presentation.  

Apart from the stage demo, it was extended to the floor as well, and both Baby and I picked up Microfiber Hair Thickener to try on our hair as well. Baby picked up the BLACK tone, while I chosen the NATURAL BROWN.

KERA B Microfiber Hair Thickener is rain, sweat and wind proof and it worked perfectly well as it covered my parting line and the Microfiber Hair thickener blends well with my hair. Both Baby and I were amazed with the product as it gives us instant results.  

We were told to bring home the Microfiber Hair thickener once we used it for the trial.  

During the last segment of the event, I took photos with Wei Bin and Mark Lee. Light refreshment was provided to all attendees too.

We bagged home with some KERA B products (Scalp & Hair Volumizing Treatment Shampoo and Scalp & Hair Volumizing Treatment Conditioner).

Scalp & Hair Volumizing Treatment Shampoo protect the scalp to strengthen thinning hair, use daily to improve hair thickness ad density. 

Scalp & Hair Volumizing Treatment Conditioner gives a head spa treatment with deep scalp cleansing formula. It will improve hair volume and nourishes and the scalp too.  

I had a lovely time at the event, and it is always nice to learn about new products in town, mingle with celebrities and of course to have my Baby's companionship.


Anonymous said...

Im Trisno Shen
im From Indonesian, Batam

May I know ?
How Much this Kera-B /Bottle?
And Where Place I Can buy this in Singapore?

Please Kindly Send To My Email Address

Thank you Very Much :-)


You can get from Watsons in Singapore

lee chee bung said...

please update me in present where can i purchase kera-b in sg . Unity no longer selling . thanks in advance

lee chee bung said...

hi Hubsch jess baby can u please update me where can i buy kera b hair thickner in sg . unity no longer selling thanks in advance


you can get it online via