Sunday, March 22, 2015

[new product from F&N] Coco Life - 100% coconut water

Singaporean is now treated well as we can savor the goodness of coconut water on-the-go with this new packed/bottled product, Coco Life! It is the latest product by F&N, and is a delicious thirst quencher at all times.

A lovely drink basket from Coco Life was delivered to my doorstep! It was a great pleasure to receive it as it offered a great indulgence to me!

 Coco Life offers the convenience of drinking coconut water extracted from the fruit without any artificial flavors. Coco Life is never concentrate, and contains no fat and no cholesterol. In short, it is natural, and Coco Life is certified as a Healthier Choice food by the Health Promotion Board.

I love to drink coconut water as it is refreshing and contains health benefits for our overall wellbeing. Coconut water works as a hydrating agent that refreshes our body, and it also has a high potassium content that is believed to help in the blood pressure management. It is also said to boost the immune system with its anti-bacterial properties. Lastly, the vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant compositions are the reasons why coconut water is often touted as nature's super drink.

Coco Life is now available in handy 330ml packs at just SGD1.50 at major supermarkets and SGD2.30 at convenience stores.


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