Tuesday, March 31, 2015

[tie a knot] Blissful occasion at Tamarind Hill

My kid brother has finally settled down with his long-time girlfriend. They have known each other since 2005, which makes it a decade since they have been a couple.

He threw his wedding solemnization and luncheon at Tamarind Hill. This high-end restaurant serves up authentic Thai Cuisine. The restaurant was surrounded by a lush floral garden, which created a greenery and tranquil environment for the wedding. I couldn't resist taking a photo of myself against the calm surrounding.  

Being an immediate family member, we went down to the venue earlier to help him out in ushering/entertaining our relatives and guests, and to manage the crowds.

My cute nephew, Hayden! He looks smart wearing the black jacket.

This photo of me and my brothers was snapped by Baby when the trio of us were discussing on the arrangements of handling the guests upon their arrival.

The interior setting of the place was very colonial and classy, yet gave a casual atmosphere which was nice.


I was surprised by the wedding photos taken by my brother and his wife, as it was simplistic, yet very artistic and hip. My brother opted away from the traditional studio shoot, but instead had a very different way and mind-set of what they wanted. Furthermore, they encouraged their guests to share their  photos/blessings on instagram by hastaging #tonyxweiwedding

  After the tea ceremony, the wedding couple proceeded with their marriage solemnization, and all the guests witnessed the marriage signing and sent out their blessings to them too.


The wedding cake looked as good as it tasted!

Each table was placed a small pouch gift, and I love the design of 'T & W' that was stamped on the pouch. It was kinda unique and I used it to keep my earphones and trinkets.
Luncheon was served shortly after the solemnization.  

  I love the appetizer very much. Among the three, I love Prawn and Chicken Sticks best!

We rounded the wedding luncheon with Mango Sticky Rice and a small slice of the wedding cake.

There was a small photo corner for the guests to take photos and they provided props too. We helped ourselves with some selfies and wefies.

Congrats to my brother, Tony and sister-in-law, Wei Wei

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