Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend Brunch at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant

My last visit to the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant was about 2 years ago, and I am very excited to see the panoramic view of Keppel Singapore. Like I mentioned before the ambience of the restaurant is pretty simple, and exudes a typical Chinese setting, but as per the namesake, the restaurant revolves and provides a 360 degree view for diners.

The Appetizer / Starter were Braised Peanuts and Seasoned Pickles, and we started off with 2 delicious BBQ Pineapple Buns.   
I have been missing this delectable dish very much, and it is one of their signature favorites. YEA, we had the Shredded Scallops with Fish/ Crab and Egg White. I love it very much, as it tasted like scrambled eggs but with a delightful taste of fresh seafood. It tasted better after adding in a few drops of black vinegar.

Steamed Dumpling with Prawn was good, and I savored every bit of it. We had BBQ Pork Rice Roll (Chee Cheong Fun) too.
Pan Fried Radish Cake and Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gow)
Steamed Pork Ribs with Yam and Steamed Glutinous Rice

  The service was efficient and the damage was pretty pricey at SGD85. Oh well. it is always normal to pay for ambience. 
My sweet colleague, Joanne S came back from her Gold Coast, Australia trip and she brought back some lovely gifts for me! Thanks ya! Hugsss...

I end my post with my photo taken together with my Baby using the fisheye lens which I got from BKK. 

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