Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#BLOGMEETSG - Networking at Pure Yoga

Yoga has become a very popular workout in Singapore and I have been practicing yoga pretty regularly nowadays due to many invitations from many events that feature a healthy lifestyle.
#BlogMeetSG organized their second bloggers meet up and networking session at Pure Yoga, which is located at Ngee Ann City. I was really looking forward to meet up with my fellow bloggers, and of course,the person-in-charge, Lucy Warring from lulabellelifestyle.

I was pretty impressed by the changing room, as they pampered their members from head to toe. They provided everything a yoga practitioner needs, such as clean towels, shower facilities, hairdryers, dressing tables with ample cotton buds/pads, facial wipes, body/hand lotion, and lastly, the most important, secure numeric lockers.
The yoga mats and clean towels were placed nicely upon entering the practice room.

We were led by Kristin Khor, the instructor from Pure Yoga on a yoga session to inspire within ourselves greater and inner peace through the practice of yoga.
She taught us some basic yoga workouts and she helped us when we had difficulties doing some of the more challengeing yoga movements.  

 The 1-hour continuous yoga movements left me feeling pretty exhausted, and I was really sweating even though the class was taught in an air-conditioned room.
Finally, the instructor gave the command for everyone’s favorite pose, the 'Child Pose', and this brought to an end of the yoga session! Although it was a pretty tiring and hectic workout, I felt that my body had been detoxified and the session helped me to shed some fats away! I had a delightful 1-hour workout.

Healthy light refreshments were provided to us after our yoga class, and we took a wefie with our Coco Water courtesy from the sponsors.  
Before we left the premise, we took a mandatory photo with Lucy Warring!
We bagged home a gift bag consisting of healthy and organic treats.
Before I revealed the goodies, I want to thank Pure Yoga for the kind hospitality, as well as for the 7-day complimentary access pass to all Pure Yoga Studios in Singapore
A sample of Young Living Lavender essential oil in a sachet was give to us and the smell really calms my sense down, and it helps me to sleep better at night.
Ms Nana is conducting free classes on how to use essential oil, and if you are interested, do email her at or call her on her mobile - 8100 6777 to book your slot.
Do visit the website at for more information.
~ [3-pc] Katharos Organic Wild Nature trial bag ~
Wild Nature Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face & Body Exfoliant
A great 2-in-1 product as it provides exfoliation effects, while at the same time, it keeps the skin soft and moisturized. I love how my hands became soft and smooth instantly after I brushed off the almond shell instead of washing them.
Wild Nature Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face & Body Milk
It is a lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling supple without leaving residue. It is also a versatile moisturizer that acts as a make-up primer or even a light make-up remover.
Wild Nature Pure Organic Aloe Vera Daily Repair Oil
This product is highly concentrated to repair and enrich the skin at the cellular level. For best results, apply the product after shower while the body is still damp. Lastly, use it as a massage oil to lift up our sense and feeling fresh.
Visit Katharos Organics for more products information.
Artisan Lipstick from Suii Naturals in Peach Coral is made from natural ingredients, and it moisturizes my lips well too.
I like the peachy pink shade. Do ‘Like’ Suii Naturals for more information.

I felt refreshed and hydrated after my yoga session all thanks to the Coco Water infused with Mango.

Thanks once again for the invite and I hope to attend the next instalment of #BlogMeetSG. Hope to see and get a chance to meet the wonderful people again. If we miss the chance to talk to each other that night, I hope to catch up with you soon. Till we meet again….