Sunday, September 13, 2015

[Double date night out] Saturday Night Fever Movie Screening + Universal Studios Singapore

Thanks Jasmine for the invite! I was very thrilled to watch the classic movie 'Saturday Night Fever' at the MasterCard Theatres, at MBS! 'Saturday Night Fever' is a 70's disco flick that is starring John Travolta, and this iconic movie is the one that cemented his status as an 'A'-List Celebrity. The movie also helped prolong the disco era back in the 70's due to the popularity of the movie and the dance scenes.

Before the movie began, there were some preview singing performances of the theme song by the cast of the upcoming musical, Ghost.

As this special screening was free seating, we were allowed to choose our own seats! Before the show commenced, there were also lucky draws to win tickets to various musicals at MasterCard Theatres at MBS. The lucky draw itself was conducted by randomly drawing seating numbers out of a box. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything, but oh well, better luck next year! I still enjoyed myself very much at the screening, regardless of not winning anything.

This movie is about a young man, Tony Manero (played by John Travolta) whose weekends are spent at a Brooklyn disco. He has a reckless, youthful, couldn't care less attitude, and his weekend is spent dancing to help him to escape from the drab reality that he cannot escape from, as he has a dead-end job, unsupportive squabbling parents and lastly, racial tensions in his community.

The movie was a huge success when it was first released, and it launched the career of John Travolta. OM! Look how young and slim he was in his prime!

I love the Bee Gees and many of my favorite songs were featured in the show and I found myself singing along during the screening!

My favorite dancing scene by John Travolta!


I enjoyed myself and now I can't wait for the Saturday Night Fever The Musical which will be performing at MasterCard Theatres at 25th September 2015 onwards. 

On the same week, I also got invited by Jasmine again and this time it was a night admission to Universal studios Singapore (USS) for the event, 'Families for Life 2015'. Thanks so much for the invitation, and especially to Tecky for the passes.

My last visit to USS was in 2012, and there were many rides that were not ready/built during my last visit. Now we were in treat to try out all the new rides with these complimentary tickets.

The four of us watched the stage show, 'When I Grow Up' at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre. It was fun to see Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street in a whimsical performance as they talk about their dream occupations.


After the show, we took the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase which was relatively short in the queue. It is a dark ride which offers a 'floating in space' experience as the ride changes elevation at a gentle speed/pace.

We next took the Enchanted Airways, and as it was labelled as a roller coaster, Jasmine and Ryden preferred not to join us on this ride. Although it was family friendly, I felt the speed wasn't really tame for a child! It was quite fast and had a few sharp turns that were quite thrilling. Overall this ride was so-so, but it would serve as a good warm up for the thrilling Battlestar Galactica.

I took a random photo of this cute Gingerbread Man while queuing for the ride!

Baby and I took the new ride in USS which features everyone's favorite feline, Puss in Boots. It is the world's first suspended rollercoaster themed with a gentle speed of 36km per hour.

After entering the queue, we were greeted by a large screen as it tells us the story of the ride.

The whole area was filled with giant cooking utensils and it looked comical.

The ride is short and I simply can't find a good reason to justify my wait time of 35-40minutes for a 2-3minutes ride, although I personally find this ride was pretty entertaining. I will definitely try it again, if the queue is shorter!

We met again after my Puss in Boots ride while the couple went for Shrek 4D Show and Madagascar: A Crate Adventure - River Boat Ride at the Madagascar Zone. We then decided to head to the Sci-Fi City for the jewel in USS's crown, Transformers, The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle! We queued for around 35-40minutes the hyper-reality 3D dark but thrilling simulator attraction. It is still an epic experience for me although this was my third time. An awesome ride indeed!

My trip down to USS makes me feel that although the USS is obviously smaller in size in comparison to the ones in Japan and the USA, but the rides are still pretty entertaining. This double date outing brought back many fond memories as I used to go out on double date during my old school days. Now I look forward to more double date outings in the future!

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